Poems By Me

Please take my quiz. I know its not all great and i dont care if you like them or not. anyway i just want to share some of poems,thats all.

Remeber though,i did spend some time making all these poems. they were not just something i slapped toghter in a snap so take that in consideration.

Created by: SilverTree

  1. As the wind blows by i think of all her lies She we never hold truth unless she is in a private booth Her plans slither and are as evil as a snake I nearly want to burn her by stake as she come nearer to my life i just wish i could take flight.
  2. As the bird flies in the sky i realise i have watched my life go by I never wanted it to be this way yet my thoughts go abay if only my wings were real then i would not have to make a deal As the brid flies in the sky i realise i have watched my life go by
  3. The winds whisper my name the sweet smell of lavender goes down the lane no matter what i fear it is very safe here golden roses on the ground chriping birds making sweet sounds I walk pass the rolling hills while by the lake the ducks are quacking with thier yellow bills i ride the bike down the road say hi to my friends and climb up on high stones go down and get an ice cream cone and feel as though this is my true home
  4. they are hurting me today but the next they want to be freinds i take off my masks i show my face they pretend to like when they really hate i swim in joy the drink my emtion they strike me i do not expect it they hurt me more when they pretend they did not i pretend i did not know it happened they feed off me more and more say goodbye now soon i shall be gone
  5. I walk out and my heart leaps everyone i love is around me i grasp them and hug hug unwilling to let go but when i look up thier faces are replaced strangers hug me strangers love me they hurt me they say they dont mean to they say they will fix it they are mean they are nice they will steal me in the middle of the night i shall fight them i shall stand up no more of them no more
  6. i am buried under lies under hate under grief i yearn to reach and grab to grab truth to grab love to grab joy but as i am bruied more comes on it comes on yet i do not forget i do not forget all the smiles i do not forget all the laughter i do not forget the light i used to love as i rememeber i thrive as i thrive i am still alive as i am still alive i am full of life as i am full of life i will never die
  7. i scream i kick i fight but i am unable to escape the night everytime brings something new something that i do not want it creeps while i sleep it darkens while i thrive on light it swallows me it likes the taste i can not escape even with the words soflty waiting i go towards the light only to be pulled back further i shake afraid of never awakening
  8. as i hide in th shadows they think im out in the light as i sit and cry they think i am laughing bright so many things i am so many things they see who is me?
  9. As the winds whisper near come home,my dear dears i wish to see your faces again i iwsh to hold joy in my heart you smiles are worht more than money this is what i think now i used to hate' but now i love i wish for the winds to bring you back home to me. You wrer taken away to somewhere far abay i hope to wish i hope to hope as the winds whisper near
  10. I slide a finger down the paper. I gasp at the curves. At the elagant words. I hug it tight. I sleep with it under my pillow. I wonder how will i reply? I read and whisper his words. I stare at the paper. It feels like he is really here. So many questions. Why did you leave me? Did you care? I run my hand through my hair. I can feel his words everywhere. I wish he could come out of this paper. They say to not feel anything at all. how would they feel? If they felt thier father's words. If they saw is words for the first time? Now all i neeed is another letter.

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