How Virginian Are You?

There are many people who claim to know Virginia history, but few who know some of Virginia's "special" history beyond what is common knowledge. What do you know?

This quiz will test your knowledge of some of Virginia's lesser-known history and facts about the "Mother of Presidents." Take a few moments to see how much you know!

Created by: Richard Williams of Old Virginia Blog
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  1. What does Virginia's state motto mean?
  2. Which of the following is Virginia's distinction?
  3. What national holiday originated in Virginia?
  4. What is considered Virginia's Golden Crescent?
  5. Which of the following men are not Virginians?
  6. Which of the following men is considered one of Virginia's greatest orators?
  7. What is Virginia's state dog?
  8. What distinction of state government does Virginia hold?
  9. What does "down the Valley" mean in the Shenandoah?
  10. Who said the following: "When I speak of my country, I mean the Commonwealth of Virginia."

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Quiz topic: How Virginian am I?