How much do you know about VA history and geography?

Are you nervous about the Virginia Studies SOLs? Need a boredom buster? Well, never fear, go-to-quiz is here! This quiz contains most of the info you need about VAs last and present.

I made this quiz right before my Virginia Studies SOL, and making it helped me tremendously! I hope it helps you just as much! Good luck! Just that test, okay!

Created by: StormWing
  1. Which battle was the first major clash of the Civil War?
  2. Which region is in between the fall line and the blue ridge mountains?
  3. Which battle was the first land battle of the American Revolution fought in Virginia?
  4. Who established the pay-as-you-go policy?
  5. What did most of the original Jamestown colonists did of?
  6. How many state capitals has Virginia had?
  7. Which river is Fredericksburg on?
  8. Who married Pocohontas?
  9. I'm which year was Jamestown settled?
  10. Who was the first African American state governor?
  11. What crop made the Virginia colony rich?
  12. Who is nicknamed Rather of the Constitution?
  13. Which language did the Powhatan speak?
  14. What did Maggie Lena Walker do?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about VA history and geography?