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We fear boredom — that we might be bored or, even worse, bore others. One example: In a recent University of Virginia study, participants gave themselves electrical shocks instead of having to sit with their thoughts for 15 minutes.

Are YOU boring and crazy? Do you sit at home everyday looking at board games and sitting down and sleeping? In around 5 minutes, you will figure out!

Created by: Isaiah of The boring website
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  1. What food do you get really crazy over when you see,eat,smell.
  2. How do you react to getting hurt?
  3. When its a beautiful day, and somebody come up to you saying what kind of shoes are those, do you get discouraged?
  4. Do you think your crazy?
  5. What following things do you get really bored when taken away from you?
  6. What do you do in your meantime after you finish your homework/chores?
  7. What emotion would you have for a rainy day?
  8. Would you get angry if your house had an electricity shut down, but your dad had some board games, if so, then explain.
  9. Whats your reaction to moving and leaving your friends?
  10. Will you be bored and crazy after hearing what this computer says about you?

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