Virginia Studies Regions quiz

This quiz is about the many regions of Virginia. If you need to study for an SOL then this is the quiz for you. (Unless you don't live in Virginia). I hope you like it!

In this quiz you will test your knowledge. Just warning you, the last question is pretty hard so if you want to try this quiz, dive right in. Good luck!

Created by: Gbooks
  1. What are the 5 regions of Virginia?
  2. Which region includes the eastern shore?
  3. Which region produces coal?
  4. Which region contains the great valley of Virginia?
  5. Which region is a great source of many rivers?
  6. Which mountain chain are the Blue Ride mountains part of?
  7. Which region is in between the fall line and the Blue Ridge Mountains?
  8. Which town developed because people traveling on the Rappahannock river had reached the fall line?
  9. What River is Alexandria on?
  10. Which Region is Lourray Caverns in?

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