How Virginia Are You?

The state of Virginia is where it all started for the United States as we know it today. It is known as the "Mother of Presidents", "The Birthplace of a Nation", and its where our nation came back together in peace after killing each other for 4 years. All Americans, and especially all Virginians, should try to learn everything they can about it and how to preserve it!

Do you have what it takes to be a "real" Virginian? If you have not lived here long and plan to move again soon, do not bother taking the How Virginia Are You quiz. If you are genuinely interested in your state, take the quiz and see how much you know - or don't know!

Created by: RVA Native
  1. What grave in Hollywood Cemetery is famous for the "Richmond Vampire" legend?
  2. Which person is not memorialized by a monument on Monument Avenue in Richmond?
  3. Why is the large sun bathing rock by the James River on Belle Isle called "The Dead Rock"?
  4. Which one of these presidents was not born in Virginia?
  5. What county primarily makes up the "West End" of Richmond?
  6. What is Virginia's state motto?
  7. What is the nickname for the state of Virginia?
  8. Who was the first black governor of Virginia?
  9. What is the state song for Virginia?
  10. Martin Foods bought out which popular Virginia grocery store chain?
  11. Virginia is known as the "Mother of Presidents". How many U.S. Presidents have been born there?
  12. What is closed up and sealed inside of the Richmond Church Hill Tunnel?
  13. What is the nickname for the sports teams (The Cavaliers) at University of Virginia?
  14. The U.S. Pentagon is the largest office building in the world. Where is located?
  15. Which of these bridges is not located in Virginia?

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