What type of scientist are you?

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There are many types of scientists, hundreds in fact. I have made a quiz with some of the important ones, ten in all, including astronomy, zoology and microbiology.

Do you like science? Could it be a career path for you? Now you can find out which of these types of scientist YOU are! Are you keen on biology? Do you want to know what type of biologist you should be? Or are you just in to science broadly? Well no matter what this quiz is the right one for you.

Created by: squatter
  1. Choose one area of study:
  2. Which most appeals to you?
  3. Which of these most appeals to you?
  4. Which of these most appeals to you?
  5. Which of these powers would you most like?
  6. What size items do you most like to study?
  7. What is plutonium?
  8. Choose one of these symbols, equations or substances
  9. Choose a side in the debate
  10. Which do you like?

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Quiz topic: What type of scientist am I?