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What is a scientist? A scientist is someone who has a mind and is not afraid to use it, and see the world through an entirely scientific point of view.

are YOU a scientist? Do you have the guts to know whether you can be qualified for that prestigious title! Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out

Created by: bira

  1. in blue light a flag seems to be blue what colour could this flag be in orange light.
  2. how long does it take for us to know the sun has gone out
  3. how is red light different from blue light
  4. susan looks at a white card through a green filter. the card will look
  5. which could be a correct description of the pitch of a sound
  6. a doctor may use a ............ to listen to sounds from inside your body fill in the gap
  7. sound can be reflected from a hard flat surface. what is the sound you hear called
  8. which conduct electricity
  9. which are electrical insulators
  10. What are the colours of the rainbow Give initials of first letter only.
  11. What can you use to protect your ears from loud noises
  12. In which group of vertebrates does the frog belong to?
  13. Which group does the ostrich belong to
  14. The teacher gets a few drops of bleach on his hand by accident. What should he do?
  15. On a magnet like sides repel true or false
  16. On a magnet like sides attract true or false
  17. what type of substance in the liquid from the stomach caused the beef to be digested in 6 hours
  18. What is digested protein used for inside your body?

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