Are You a Werewolf?

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Hi, I'm some lunatic, and I'll be evaluating your likelihood of being a werewolf. This is the first in my series of night-creature-type specialized quizzes, and it's just in time for the Full Moon!

This quiz is not biased towards Romero werewolves, nor a certain ridiculous romance novel. Rather, most of the questions are based on observations derived from SCIENCE, MEREDITH, SCIENCE!!

Created by: E Lunatic
  1. Do you recall ever having taken the form of a lupine creature, then roaming the wilderness under the light of the full Moon?
  2. Do you often bear many scratches or bruises of unknown origin?
  3. Do you hate celery with a passion?
  4. Do you have red hair?
  5. Do you have a hatred or fear of people who would be likely to put nonedible things in your mouth, like dentists?
  6. Does even the mildest perfume tend to make you nauseous?
  7. Do you enjoy being stabbed by silverware?
  8. Have you ever awoken to find elaborate impressions on your limbs (such as might appear if you were leaning against some fancy gilding)?
  9. Do you have a subtle unibrow?
  10. Which person, when eaten, is least likely to give you worms?
  11. Have you ever brushed your teeth late at night and discovered that you had symptoms of gingivitis which had not manifested earlier or the next day?
  12. Do aspirin, ibuprofen, penicillin, and synthetic antibiotics make you nauseous?
  13. Do you derive unusually little effect from opiates? (Morphine, codine, and other painkillers/anesthetics)
  14. Are you able to simply, quickly, and nonhumorously identify your best personality trait?
  15. Are your bottom canines the tallest teeth of your jaw, by far?
  16. Are your top canines longer than and almost or as wide as your top central incisors?
  17. Do you know how to pronounce "Tyr?"
  18. Do you do a great impression of a wolf's howl?
  19. Do you tend to recall more dreams than usual during the full Moon period?
  20. Do you have a favorite type of birdshot? Is it #4?
  21. When fighting, are you likely to grab your opponent by the neck or toss him across the room?
  22. Are your eyes a dull blue?
  23. Do you root for the bad guy in horror movies?
  24. Do you tend to forget things like schoolwork, meetings, trash day, or appointments during the full Moon?
  25. Do you burn off beer fast enough so that you'd have to chug it to get drunk?
  26. Do you harbor a particular dislike for liars and manipulators, as opposed to people who do the wrong thing in a more blunt fashion?
  27. Which werewolf kicks more ass?
  28. Is there a particular phrase or mannerism that you're compelled to speak or do whenever you see the Moon?
  29. Which is better eating?
  30. Which of these would you say best describes your ideal romantic relationship? Imagine that your partner is realistic - not your dream (wo)man.
  31. Do you have hair on your knuckles?
  32. Can you name more than 10 different styles of old-world sausage?
  33. Have you ever used the phrase 'the things that cows eat' in disgust over a foodstuff?
  34. Are you particularly susceptible to the influence of adrenaline?
  35. Which of these would most agree with your philosophy in group dynamics?
  36. Do you see just fine in the dark?
  37. If a tree falls in the woods, and no-one's around to hear it, does it make a sound?
  38. Of the people you personally know, is there anyone that you think is more likely to be a werewolf than you?
  39. Are you paranoid?
  40. BONUS: Are you, by any chance, from Montana, New Mexico, or an abandoned village near Lillehammer?

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