Which Element are You?

Before man discovered that they were wrong, there were five elements. This quiz will revoke the memory of these elements and you will find out which of them you are!

Earth, fire, water, air and aether. Which of these elements are you? Find out in this no-adjectives-to-describe-it quiz!

Created by: Megumi

  1. Hi. I'm your host, Megumi, and I'm going to ask you some questions about which of the classic elements you are! First up... Freebie!
  2. I SHALL NEVER TELL YOU WHO MY FICTIONAL CRUSH IS! (he's the quiz password...) Anyway... Pick a colour.
  3. Pick a food:
  4. Pick a letter of my name (fate...is it?)
  5. What is your power?
  6. Which one of these personality traits describes you well?
  7. Are you crazy (in a good way)?
  8. Question ten. Pick a letter.
  9. Are you sociable?
  10. Let fate decide.

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Quiz topic: Which Element am I?