It was said by the ancient Greeks that the four elements are earth, fire water and air. Boy were they wrong! The four elements with control over our world of matter are Halu (good) Aurmol (order) Cixice (chaos) and Xialor (evil)!

Find out which element (or elements) fit you best, and what it says about you as a person and your role in society. Who knows, it may even show something about your future!

Created by: Jacob S. Koft

  1. Which of these worlds sounds the best?
  2. A person is starving on the road, begging for anything! What do you do?
  3. Why did you pick your answer to the last question?
  4. Which type of hero would you like to be?
  5. What would make you turn into a criminal?
  6. Which quality do you like in friends/romantic interests?
  7. Which trait would others describe you as?
  8. Role play (Part one) It seems as though your town is having a riot against the mayor! Do you join in, or stay out?
  9. Role play (Part two)Uh-oh, it turns out your mayor is innocent. People are still rioting though. Will you stick with your choice, or change?
  10. Finally: How will you rate this quiz?

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