What is your element?

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The four elements are Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. I am not including the others such as electricity or metal in this quiz. Each person has a spiritual connection to one of the four elements. Which one is yours?

Could you be Earth, stubborn and trustworthy? Are you Water, calm and logical? Maybe Fire, dynamic and powerful. Or even Air, shy and kind. Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Maddie
  1. Are you more logical or emotional?
  2. Are you more introverted or extroverted?
  3. Are you stubborn?
  4. Are you assertive?
  5. Are you thoughtful?
  6. Are you self confident?
  7. Pick an animal...
  8. Pick a color
  9. Pick a number...
  10. Favorite season?
  11. What is your Hogwarts house?
  12. What is your favorite element?
  13. Pick a charm
  14. When you go to the beach, what is your favorite sensation?
  15. Are you ready for your results?

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Quiz topic: What is my element?