element quiz! 99% right

Instructions says to put effort in to the description.... Well i wont because by thumbs hurt from making this quiz on my celly phone. Btw this is for girls.

Anyways this is about elements. Water fire electricity wind and earth. These are true facts from people that are different elements so this is what they said their element types are like. Bye and please comment

Created by: weathermaker101
  1. Fave color its not a quiz without this question
  2. Strong or weak
  3. Best smell? I KNOW its obvious
  4. If you had so much homework and had too go too a party how would you get out of it?? Personality question.
  5. Btw please rate or comment I worked really hard on this quiz
  6. Are you E.mo popular normal school clown hot jock or skater ._.
  7. Fave music
  8. Favorite genre of movies?
  9. Fave song
  10. Once again please rate how you liked this quiz
  11. If you had a power what would it be? Very obvious indeed...
  12. Fave thing to do?

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