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  • Same as you. I am an air dragon

  • I'm a air element and I got air Dragon!!!! :)

    Makili Pietru
  • fire i will kill you all

    • The Test of Dragons
      Your Result: Fire Dragon 81%

      Your head is structured like a horses, attached to a medium length neck. Your body is like a salamander's, with a long tapered tail and two large wings. You bear four legs, the two front legs bearing hand-like appendages armed with sharp claws. Your body is covered with hardened scales, ranging from gold to fiery red. You have the capability to spew fire upon your prey, often using it to ravage human civilization. You often avoid rainy areas and coasts, occasionally making nests in caves to take shelter from the rains which humans use as an opportune time to hunt you without fear of your flame.

      I got fire!!! And I love most people with fire powers, that's why I like Kai from Lego NinjaGo. (he's the elemental master of Fire)

      Ninjago Kai

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