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  • Das saD
    "Hey Spice, thought I'd stop by and say Hi, hope your doing ok, and that I miss you🙂 Brycen.💛"
  • ^_Positivity_^
    "Hey June I thought I'd stop by, and say Hi, hope your doing ok, and I miss you😁 Brycen.🖤"
  • Hey You know
    "I was gonna come back today, but after all the drama I'm seeing, it's not even worth my time, soooo, hope y'all don't cause more drama, so b..."
  • I'm leaving.
    "I'm leaving because of personal problems and school and other things, I also gotta deal with some friends of mine that need my help on some ..."
  • "NF, he's a hip-hop/rap artist, his music is very relatable, and he's gone through pretty much almost everything I'm going through."
  • Lost Clouds
  • "* Lost Clouds "
  • "Can Y'all very nice mods please lock these "
  • Lost Clouds
  • Lost Clouds
    "No, I'mma just get off of GTQ, my heart just is now dealing with more pain, well if she isn't dead yet can you at least tell her I love her ..."
  • Lost Clouds
    "God damn it, my heart is just shattered, WHY JUST WHY, man she's pretty much the only girl in the world I care about, and now she's gonna be..."
  • Lost Clouds
  • Lost Clouds
    "I don't care what she says I'm going to worry and she shouldn't fake her happiness"
  • Let it rain like Fire
    " Suicidal Suicidal Suicidal Suicidal Suicidal"
  • Lost Clouds
    "I'm always worried about her."

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