brycen is an awesome floofy ghost

brycen is awesome. he's floofy, he's strange, he's funny, he's cool, ad he's dependable. he also likes NF. this wittle green ghost is taking the spotlight for this quiz(which was a dare)

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Created by: Cinnamon_Roll

  1. and i love him to pieces. PLATONICALLY!!
  2. btw this was a dare given to me by Chai :3 but i still love Bry nonetheless
  3. Bry is an amazing friend and i know i can confide in him
  4. and he doesn't like hugs but he'll give me a hug when i need one
  5. he's green and slimy and floofy
  6. and he's very strange but in the most awesome way
  7. he's de best fren
  8. i could ever ask for
  9. and he loves NF, so like RESPPECT
  10. so, that's the end of my quiz! bry, you're awesome :p

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