When you die, what type of ghost will you be?

This quiz was meant for entertainment only. Don't, i repeat, don't take this quiz seriously, its meant for entertainment purposes only. So, find out what type of ghost you will be when you die!

The most important reason you are taking this quiz, is because you are curious, aren't you? Well, enough talking, and reading, take the quiz, and find out what type of ghost you will be when you die!

Created by: Kish
  1. How would you describe your mood?
  2. Where will i find you on a weekend?
  3. How often do you curse (swear) people?
  4. Have you ever done something bad, when you knew it was bad?
  5. Are you afraid of death?
  6. Have you ever cheated anyone, in any situation?
  7. How many are you in your family? (count your parents too)
  8. Have you ever thought of committing suicide? (or tried to?)
  9. Are you in a relationship right now?
  10. How old are you?
  11. Are you living in a developed country,(countries in Europe and America, etc) or a developing country (countries in Asia, Africa, etc)
  12. Do you have a serious health problem, eg, asthma, cancer, diabetes,etc?
  13. Have you ever seen a ghost?
  14. Do you believe there are ghosts?
  15. Quickly choose, dark or light
  16. The quiz is almost over, do you want to become a ghost?
  17. If you had an option of being a ghost, what type of ghost would you like to be?

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Quiz topic: When you die, what type of ghost will I be?