What Type of Friend Are You?

This quiz is to help you find out what type of friend you are, and where you stand in your friend group. Maybe you're the parent, or the smart one. Only one way to find out!

Please do not be offended by anything said in this. This quiz is for entertainment purposes and not meant to be taken seriously. If you enjoy please suggest your friends try it out!

Created by: Apple123
  1. Do you like going to public places with your friends?
  2. Do people tell you you're being too loud a lot?
  3. When doing tests do you ask for answers a lot?
  4. Do people confide in you, telling you all their problems?
  5. Do you joke and mess with everyone all the time?
  6. Are you constantly telling everyone what to do?
  7. How often are you confused?
  8. Someone just asked you out, what do you do?
  9. Your friend ask you to go to a party with her, what do you say?
  10. How do you view yourself?
  11. How has this quiz been?

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Quiz topic: What Type of Friend am I?