Would I Date You?

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DISCLAIMER: im already in love, so i wouldnt really date anyone!!! this quiz is purely for entertainment. please understand and dont try to actually date me-!!

but even so, i hope you have fun with this quiz ^^ please rate and comment your result!! thank you~ (ignore this part.....the character requirement is stupid -w-)

Created by: tsukii

  1. welcome!! if you havent read the disclaimer paragraph yet, please do. thank you!
  2. ok! first, what's your gender?
  3. and your age?
  4. do you like cats? (its important!!!)
  5. where would you like to meet?
  6. how would you approach me?
  7. if i was crying what would you do?
  8. what would you do if i asked you on a date?
  9. how would YOU ask me on a date?
  10. where would we go on our date?
  11. if we went to a restaurant, which type of food would we get?
  12. if we went to a movie (or watched movies at home), which genre of movie would we see?
  13. would anything else happen???
  14. now it's time to leave. how do you say goodbye?
  15. last question!!! will you rate and comment??? pleassssee? qwq

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