~A One Direction Love Story Part 3~

In this part, you'll be going on your date with Louis! exciting, right? Do you love him, or do you hate him? Would you and Louis make a good couple? Find out here on part 3!

Are you excited to go on a date with Louis? Or do you hate me because of it? XD Oh well, if you hate Louis, deal with it and maybe your favorite boy in the band will be your next date!

Created by: Br0wnies
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  1. Previously: The One Direction Boys show up at your house, and not only that, they are fighting for a chance to date you! Exciting, right? ;)
  2. "Oh snap..." you say. Your mother wakes the boys up. "I'm sorry, but you're going to have to go home." she says in a stern voice, pointing to the door. "I'm sorry, miss." Liam says. "Yeah, sorry for the trouble." Harry says. "Hmmph..." your mother grunts. As they leave, Louis puts a piece of paper in your pants pocket. Your mother walks out of the room. You pull the piece of paper that Louis gave you out of your pocket. On the piece of paper, it says: "Call me. xox - Louis" On the other side of the paper, it has Louis' number.
  3. (7:30 pm) You step out of the shower. "I'm excited for me and Louis' date tonight!" you say, with a smile. Once you step into your walk-in closet, you decide to wear:
  4. (7:55) You head down the staircase, as your mother walks in and notices that you look so nice. "Hey, where are you going looking so beautiful?" your mother asks. "Nowhere." you nervously say. "Tell me the truth." your mom says. "Just out..." you say back. "To?" your mom asks. "I'm uh, hungry...and--and--I'm going to the store--I don't want to look bad in public." you nervously try to say. "Mmmhmmm...have fun on your date, sweetie!" your mom says, smiling. "What? How do you know?" you ask. "Some young man named Louis called." your mom says. "Have fun!" she smiles. *DING DONG!* Goes the doorbell. "He's here!" you say, grabbing your purse and answering the door. "Hello, love. You look great." Louis smiles.
  5. "Let's go, shall we?" Louis says, taking your hand and leading you to the car. Louis opens the door for you. "After you." he says. You and Louis sit in the back seats as Paul drives you and Louis to the movies. "So, where are we going?" you ask Louis. "The movies, are you in the mood to watch Grease?" Louis says. "I love Grease!" you tell Louis. Louis smiles. "Me too!" he says. Paul is driving as you and Louis talk about Grease, the movie you and him will be watching. The car stops. "We're here." Louis says, opening the door for you. Both of you get out of the car, and Paul drives away.
  6. You and Louis walk into the movie theater. "Two tickets for Grease, please." Louis tells the man inside the ticket booth. The man inside the ticket booth whistles at you. "Hey there, babe." the man in the ticket booth says. He grabs you around the waist and you make a horrified look. "Get away from me!" you yell at the man. "Hey, she's my date!" Louis yells at the man. "Come on babe, I can do much better things with you than this chump." the man says. You slap the man. The man is furious, so he punches you, making you fall to the ground with a black eye. "HEY!" Louis yells and attacks the man, which causes a fight between the boys. The man makes a counter attack, by tackling Louis, and attempting to choke him. "LOUIS!" you scream, getting up. "STOP IT!" you scream, jumping on the man who is trying to choke Louis. The man doesn't stop hurting Louis. "HEY!" the manager of the movie theater yells. The manager breaks up the fight. The man is fired, and you and Louis were banned from the movie theater. Louis is hurt very bad. "Oh Louis, I feel so bad." you say. "It was worth it because I didn't want you to be hurt." Louis says. You kiss Louis on the cheek. Louis smiles.
  7. "I'm sorry we had to be banned from the movie theater." Louis frowns. "It's okay, I knew you didn't mean to." you smile. "Hey ____, I have an idea." Louis says. "What is it?" you say. "Follow me." Louis says, taking your hand. You and Louis finally sit down from all that running. "Look up at the stars." Louis says, pointing to the sky. You look up. "Oh Louis..." you smile. You and Louis look up at the stars, talking about their meaning and how beautiful they are, for what it seems like a few hours. "We should probably head back." you say. "Yeah, we've been looking up at them for quite a while." Louis says. "Hey, since we were banned from the movie theater, how about we go to my house and watch a movie on my DVR?" you say. "That sounds great." Louis smiles. You and Louis head back to your house.
  8. You and Louis reach your house. "Since you wanted to watch Grease, how about we watch Grease? I have it on my DVR files." you say. "Sure." Louis says. "I'll go get some popcorn." you say, running towards the kitchen because the movie is about to start. Louis pauses the movie for you. "What happened? Is the movie broken?" you call to Louis from the kitchen. "No, I paused it for you." Louis calls back. You walk out of the kitchen and sit next to Louis on the sofa. "Thanks." you say, grabbing a few pieces of popcorn. Louis laughs and stuffs a few pieces of popcorn in his mouth. You and Louis enjoy the movie.
  9. The movie is about to end, as you and Louis hear weird creaking noises. *creak creak creak!* "What's that noise?" Louis asks. "I don't know." you say. "Let's go see what it is." Louis says. "Okay, it sounds like it's coming from upstairs." you say. You and Louis walk upstairs. *creak creak creak!* "There it goes again!" Louis says. You and Louis search everywhere in your house for the cause of the creaking noises. Right until you see... "Mom!?" you yell.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Why was your mom in the house while you and Louis had a date? Find out in part 4!

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