(the best) one direction love story part 8:)

Soo part 8 of my quiz series (the best) one direction love story:)and im thinking of doing a spin off of this quiz or something i dont know and i think im gonna stop doin the recap thing.

because i try to make these quizzes like every other day or every other 2 days and hopefully you wont forget the whole quiz between those days haha soo as always please rate and comment:)!!

Created by: bravogrl
  1. So you finish your hot chocalate and walk around some more then it started getting dark so you went back by the arena to see if the concert was over. It was so you decided to go back home.
  2. When you get back to the hotel room everybody seems to be asleep then harrys door opeans and you see him making out with some fake looking girl in a i LOVE harry styles shirt. "Seriously?? at least close the door NEXT time" then you slam the door and sit on your bed feeling heartbroken all over again.
  3. You just sit and think for a while about harry and niall and louis and liam and zayn wondering what it was like to be them. Then you change into some sweatpants and a victorias secret sports bra and go to sleep.
  4. You wake up kindda early and go in the kitchen and eat some cereal and harry was the only onee up."Why dont you put on a shirt" he said "Why dont you quit taking advantage of girls" you reply back. "Please she wanted to moree than i did" "oh so you were just being a good person" you reply mockingly. "Somebodys jealous" "Um no Im not jealous of one night stands... anyways im going on a date today" "With who??" "Some guy i met at starbucks hes reallyy hot"
  5. Niall walks in the kitchen "Morning guys" "Niall did you know Taylor has a date today" harry said smuggly. "Oh no?" he saidd a little sad. "Oh niall did you know harry hooked up with a girl that was oranger than cheetos last night?" You reply back. "She was not..." he said trailing off. You put your hair in a ponytail and then reply "Whatever you know its true" "You guys act like little kids, im not taking sides" Niall said and went back to his room. "Great you pissed niall off" "that was all you" you reply rolling you eyes
  6. Eager to escape the awkwardness you decide to go and start getting ready for your date. You take a long shower and then blow dry and curl your hair and then put on a little bit more makeup than you ussualy wear and change into....
  7. "You look nice" your dad said when you walked out of your room "Yea im gonna go out for a while is that ok?" "Yea sure the boys have some voice exercises to do today anyways" "Ok see you later" then you leave the hotel.
  8. You txt cole and say Hey when do you wanna meet up today? right nows good:) he responded and you feel something tap your shoulder and you whirl around nobodys there.. you turn back around and cole standing right in front of you "Ohh my gosh you scared me!". "hahaha i couldnt help it" he said smiling veryy cutely.
  9. "So where are we going" you ask him as he leads you down the street. "You will see" he said.You then notice his outfit he was wearing a cute plaid shirt and jeans. When you hear some girl behind you yelling "Cole!?!". "Whos that???" you ask confused.
  10. Cliffffffffffhanger!!!!!!!!:))))

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