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I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to comment and rate! I will try and make another one soon, adding in more people! Have a lovely day, eat and drink, and stay safe!


Created by: Cloudy_Dxys

  1. OKAY- First, I want to shout out Cinna! She is a lovely gal who I love (platonically) very much! I really enjoy talking with you, you're just a wonderful person over all!
  2. Next up, Spice!! You're a wonderful person, always cheering me up and making me chuckle at her responses to our RPs. Though she can be a tad inconsistent, so can I, and it's perfectly normal! Love ya (pLaToNiCaLlY) :D ( also, I am glad I has found someone I can talk abt MCYT with. I don't normally find someone who likes DSMP and wants to talk about it! )
  3. And then there's Tat. What do I say about this wonderful roleplay buddy? My gosh, your skills are impeccable! I inspire to be as good as an RPer as you! I hope we can chat more! :3
  4. Next up, Wolfie! You. Are. Very. Poggers! You're one heck of a RP buddy and I really enjoy our RPs together! I hope we can chat more often in the future! :))))))
  5. Next, Melissa! (idk if you'll see this, but) You're a great bud to talk about MCYT with! A lot of your comments make me laugh and I really appreciate having someone to talk about the DSMP with :DD
  6. Who next? Oh, Elly! Elly, you've been very nice and kind to me and you're one heck of an RPer! (btw, love all your pfps, they v aesthetic u^u) Hope to chat more in the future! :3
  7. Now Hannah! You've also been really nice, and even though we haven't really talked too often, you're a very nice person! I hope we can talk more in the future and maybe even become friends? :D
  8. Chai! You're great! You seem like a really nice person, even though I don't believe we've talked too much. I hope to get to know you more in the future and maybe become friends? :D
  9. June! You're a very sweet person, and very funny! You're also one heck of a GTQ mother :3 I haven't RPed with you much, or talked with you too often, but I hope to become good friends! :DD
  10. Then Brycen!! You are a great slime ghost and even though we haven't talked too much, I think you're awesome! I hope we can become good friends! :)))
  11. Last but not least, Trem! You are a pretty chill dude, but you're great! Honestly, love the Among Us pfps u^u. I hope we can be good friends!! :DD

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