Are you a Devil or are you a Angel?

My Quiz is just to see if your an angel or a Devil if your like me your a Devil but not all of you are so have fun and enjoy. and hey if you like this quiz please comment down below and tell me if you had fun.

I made this quiz because there isn't a hole lot of these ones so have fun and enjoy and find your self in this quiz and comment. also tell me what you got and say what you like most about this quiz.

Created by: ItsBrycen

  1. What is your favorite color.
  2. How do you feel about your family?
  3. How many Friends do you have?
  4. You see an injured person what do you do?
  5. A new girl comes to your school how do you treat her?
  6. Someone gives you the middle finger how do you react
  7. How many people don't like you?
  8. Do you like music?
  9. What color is your Blood?
  10. Did you like my Quiz, This won't hurt your score.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Devil or am I a Angel?