are you an angel or a devil

this quiz will ensure what you going to help others go to if you are chosen to be a guardian angel or a cursed devil please take not that this quiz is not supposed to harm any ones feelings or their religion

disclaimer: this quiz Is only for fun if you wish not to be judged or chosen please leave this quiz emideitly and join another quiz that has better answers please go and take that quiz pleaese

Created by: alisua

  1. do you enjoy talking with friends
  2. do you enjoy being at home
  3. would you rather have the power of fire or water
  4. would you rather travel or stay home
  5. would you rather a lunar eclipse or a blood moon
  6. good or bad
  7. twinkle or sparkle
  8. wood or glass
  9. bat/cats or dogs
  10. heaven or hell

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Quiz topic: Am I an angel or a devil