are you an angel or a devil ?????(life)

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( this quiz is a girls only quiz ) let us see if you are a devil or an angel , simply done , answer the questions until you reach the end , simple right? ; )

now ANSWER NOW !!!!! you: ok | me: NOT YET!!! this is just the very bonus thing . tell what you got in the comments . you don't need to do that. I hope you enjoy!!!

Created by: ricelthericegirl

  1. ready to experience life
  2. starting at Kindergarden(age 5 or 6)one of your classmates throws a ball, but accidentally hits you, so you…
  3. next one in grade school(age 5-12). you are taking your exam, then one of your classmates told you an answer to a question, so you…
  4. now in high school(age 11-16) someone insults your friend. so you
  5. in collage(age 15-18) your friend had a secret not to tell to anyone, you told it to your BFF. now your friend is asking you if you told that secret, you…
  6. still in collage, you took driving lessons. your friend crashed, after you went home, so you…
  7. now that you're an adult(age 20-29) your boyfriend was cheating on you, so you…
  8. you are in a restaurant. 2 men approach you 1. the who cheated on you(he already said sorry)and has the most valuable jewelry in the whole world for you 2. the man who is handsome and has flowers for you. you pick…
  9. you had a great time with your husband(s) then you are pregnant. you have triplets. how do you split them?
  10. you are now old(ages 60-70) do you thank god you have a good life?
  11. did you enjoy life
  12. rate and comment please
  13. happy now
  14. :) thank you for taking my quiz
  15. bye bye!!!👋🏻

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Quiz topic: Am I an angel or a devil ?????(life)