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Hi! This is the quiz to find out whether you are a devil or an angel! Remember, this quiz is quite short, so please don't be upset with inaccurate answers.

This quiz is just for fun, so don't believe that you are what it tells you, because it could affect your mental health. Possible results are Angel, Devil, or Who knows. Please have fun.

Created by: Hayami
  1. If someone asks you for help, what do you do?
  2. Which time of year were you born in?
  3. You find a box full of magical things. What do you pick?
  4. What color would you wear to go to a formal dinner party?
  5. What genre of movie do you like to watch?
  6. What season were you born in?
  7. Somebody punches you, what do you do?
  8. How much do you eat at a party?
  9. What time do you hand in your homework?
  10. Are you into fashion?

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