Are you a angel or devil???

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In my Quiz it was just show and tell you if you are an angel or devil i just hope you enjoy these quizzes and please comment if you would like more please dont be pressed of these quizzezs like i said they are not accurate but just for fun when you a bored please enjoy

ENJOY!!No seriously enjoy and comment for more and if you have any ideas next i feel like doing a christmas themed one what do you think??so basically ima just tell you guys a funny story today we went to aldis and my friend was their so i tried to ignore her cause it embarassing you know and tell me why she finna come over and scream " hii ____" my parents were right their and laughed cause i turned red of embarassment lol comment as well if you guys would like funny stories of me or made up storys after these to make your day !!!

Created by: Dianaa

  1. Your friend invites you to go to church with her and her parents or friends what do u do???
  2. Your friend does something that you don't approve of.What do you do ???
  3. Are you mean ??
  4. Do you hurt people (physically,Mentally,Etc
  5. Do you follow the rules at school???
  6. Do you bully others??
  7. Believe in True Love ???
  8. Believe in True Love ???
  9. Do you believe in ghost??
  10. Do you fear Death ???
  11. Are you ready to end this test??
  12. Are you a girl or boy??(dumb question lol)
  13. Should i make more of these quizzez(idk how to spell that to much on my mind)

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Quiz topic: Am I a angel or devil???