Are you an Angel or a Devil?

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Hello, welcome to my quiz! Here you will answer 10 questions, and try to be honest. That will give you the best answer. I have tried to set up this quiz for everyone, but sorry if you don't get an answer that defines you!

Please take your time with these questions, and try to go with what feels right if you don't know what to pick. So, are you a Devil or an Angel? Let's find out!

Created by: Evie
  1. Let's start with the basics. You see someone drop their wallet on the sidewalk, what do you do? (Don't think too hard, and answer truthfully)
  2. Which two of these words describes you?1. Kind 2. Sassy3. Awkward4. Funny5. Mean
  3. Someone insults you. How do you respond?
  4. Would you die to keep someone else living? Or would you have someone die to keep you living?
  5. This is a big one. Which one would you rather be: Angel, or Devil?
  6. Would you rather always look flawless, but have no real friends, or look rather unattractive, but have many friends who care about you? (Remember, don't think too hard. This does not effect your real life.)
  7. Would you rather have a relationship that felt good, then slowly wavered away, or never have a lover?
  8. Do you like the soft fluffiness of Angel wings, or the slick coolness of Devil wings?
  9. Do you like giving gifts, or receiving them?
  10. Last question! Someone hits you on the cheek. What would you do? (Don't worry, be honest. There are no wrong answers! And besides, no one is watching you anyway.)

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