Are you REAL or FAKE

So everyone is walking around, talking about how real they are, and how original they are. Well,I hear this all the time, and sometimes it is from the most unoriginal, and most fake people, that i have ever met. I am in no way an angel, but i think I am quite honest. So just to see, where I stand, I created this quiz.

Do you think that you are real? Do you think that you are original? Well based on your answers to MY questions, you shall see. Take this ten question long quiz, and remember, some questions are quite detailed. Be as honest as possible, or you will not get a true answer. Have fun!

Created by: Anita
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  1. If someone was to laugh AT you when you were only trying your BEST, you:
  2. If you promissed a friend,or even someone you JUST met, that you wont reveal their secret to ANYONE,what do you do?
  3. You are in a crowd of people,talking and laughing...and one of your associate partners sees a skinny looking girl with THICK glasses,walking with her books and her pens in her ears-and starts laughing at her and making fun of
  4. There is a NEW HOT trend...EVERONE knows that the NAME BRAND SHOES are the hottest thing out!What do YOU do?
  5. You are at a FORMAL DINNER party...the evening gowns and tuxedos are glamourous. One person makes the CORNIEST-most UNFUNY joke...for some reason...everyone
  6. ALLright...this is for the ladies...Would you EVER ware WEEVE-or FAKE HAIR...extensions?
  7. So you just got in a NEW relationship, and your partner tells you about ALL the things he/she disslikes about you, rather than what you allready are.For example:SHAVE here and there.Take out your piercings.DO NOT WARE THAT SHIRT EVER AGAIN!do NOT pick you
  9. You just tolled a little WHITE lie...what do you do?
  10. And LAST but not LEAST...did you ever lie about your age-and weight?

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