Just Another Life Pt 2

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It's an everlasting battle. Between the Nepilim and the demons. But now they have something that the demons don't. They have a pure angel that has taken no sides yet.

It's an eternal battle. Between the Nepilim and the demons. But now they have something that the demons don't. They have a pure angel that has taken no sides yet. And so far, she's on their side . . .

Created by: dragonsfire
  1. Recap: Basically you saw these guys at the local community center, and the next day they kidnapped you. You wandered around around until you almost fell to your death. Kendril saved you, and the four boys told you that you were an angel. any of this jogging your memory?
  2. "Yes," Nathan said, "We do believe that you're an angel."You didn't know what to make of that. "But I can't be," you said, "Aren't angels supposed to be inhumanly beautiful but terrible? Their eyes glowing with heavenly fire, with wings? I'm not any of that." "You're the only one we've found that doesn't fit that description," Kendril said. That was the first time you heard him speak. You kind of liked his voice. "But people will come after you," he said. "They way you did?" you snapped. They looked at each other. "No . . . not really," Ethan said, putting his head in his hands, "Ohhhhh . . . how do I explain this . . . The people that are hunting you down want you to perform gruesome experiments on you, and eventually will take your blood and drink it to give themselves powers. You're the first earthbound angel ever. Then the demons also want you . . ." "Woah, wait. Demons?" I interrupted. "Yes, demons. we'll explain later. they want you because they want you to join their side. To become one of them."
  3. "And what do you want to do with me?" I asked. "Well, we want to prevent any of that stuff from happening, and we want you to help us in our fight against the demons," Nathan said, "You'd be able to do so much more than we ever could." "Ok, that question's answered. What was that thing I fell into?" "You can't know that yet," Jonathan said. That was the first time you heard his voice. It was quiet and low. "Ok, uhhh, where are the other four guys?" you asked. You were starting to run out of questions. "Oh, those are our disguises," Ethan said, "They're made to keep others away." "I can tell that they work," you said. then another thing popped into your head. "Do all Nephilim have wings?" you asked. It sorta just popped in your head. "No," Kendril said, "those are a rarity." "And you're one of them?" "Yep. But those that don't have wings are stronger in their abilities that those with wings," Kendril said. "I . . . think I ran out of questions," you said. Then another one popped into your head. Hey, Why's there no front door? Where are we?" "We're in a place where demons can't get in. It would be too easy for them if they just strolled through the front door, then destroyed…
  4. You guys went upstairs to the living room, and Nathan went off somewhere. "Where's he going?" you ask. "He's making supper," Ethan replied, "and I warn you that he's not the best cook." "He can't be that bad," you said.
  5. He was that bad. As soon as you took a bite, you gagged on how gross it was."How is it?" Nathan asks with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. You felt bad, but you said:
  6. "I knew it," he said. Everyone laughed. Except for Jonathan. The next few days were rather fun. You and Ethan even made up a little play for the others. Here's how it went.
  7. Ethan found some old sword props, and you suggested that we make a play. "Let's do it right now," Ethan said. So, you moved the furniture in the living room to make audience seats. Then you planned things out a bit. Then Kendril walked in."What're you guys doing?" he asked. "Get the others," I said, "We're performing a play." So, he went off to find the others. He came back with Nathan and Jonathan. The prop swords came with a sheath and a belt, so it was a bit more realistic. You and Ethan went on opposite sides of the room, then you started.
  8. You were the first to talk. "You," you said. You were and excellent actor. "You murderer. You will pay for the pain that you have caused me, and so many others." You unsheathed your sword. "I hear the voice of vengeance calling," he said, looking at me, acting as if he had killed those seeking revenge at least once a day. He unsheathed his sword. "I hear the voice of vengeance that I've heard many a time. What did I destroy in your life that you come at me in cheap disarray?" "My mother," I said. You two slowly walked towards each other. "and my brothers. And my town. And scores of other towns you demolished for power. Tonight, the blood that cries out will be silenced with satisfaction." "I think not," he responded, and struck at me. I easily blocked it. Then we exchanged hard blows for a while. Eventually, I don't know what he did, but I ended up o the ground, with his sword at my throat. "Any last words?" he said. "Aye, I do," I said, "You lost." Then I swept his legs out from under him, and he fell to the ground. then I placed the point of my sword over his heart. He tried the same sweeping motions as I did with him, but I jumped over his leg. Then I could tell that he gave…
  9. You got praise all around. "You know you weren't supposed to do that," you said jokingly. "I just wanted to see how good you were," he said. Turns out you're pretty good."
  10. Ok, that's all for part 2. I hope you like it. I hate that you have to make the results first, when you're just making it up as you go along. I have a problem though. I feel like I'm loosing touch with the story already. Any suggestions would be great! I'm going to wait for a week, and if no one makes any suggestions, I'm shutting this thing down. Ok?
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