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It's an everlasting battle. Between the Nepilim and the demons. But now they have something that the demons don't. They have a pure angel that has taken no sides yet.

It's an eternal battle. Between the Nepilim and the demons. But now they have something that the demons don't. They have a pure angel that has taken no sides yet. And so far, she's on their side . . .

Created by: dragonsfire
  1. It was about a week after you had started training. Before then you were starting to wonder if it was all fun and games. But now you were starting to take this demon thing seriously. The guys were training you in all ways you thought possible. You were even learning martial arts and the Nephilim government. It was a strange arrangement of people. Jonathan seemed the most concerned about you for some odd reason. You didn't know why. He still seemed to want to cut himself off from people, but he was getting warmer to you.
  2. You, Kendril, Nathan, and Jonathan were sitting in the living room. You didn't know where Ethan was. "So, what's this whole angel- nephilim- relationship? Why's it so bad?" you asked them. "They live forever," Kendril said, "and they can't be injured. We are able to be injured, and we generally don't live past twenty-five, because of our line of work. They figure that we can just make others, no big deal. We don't like it, but we still fight the demons, because we don't want them roaming around, causing terror to every one." "Now it makes sense," I said. Suddenly Ethan ran into the room. "I figured it out!" he cried. "Figured what out?" Nathan asked. "What ______'s weapon is going to be." Ethan responded. "What?" I asked. He sat down. "Your main weapon is going to be a sword, and you're second is going to be a bow and arrow," Ethan said, "Jonathan, can you make them? you're better at it than I am." "Sure," Jonathan said in his usual quiet tone.
  3. "Hey, how do I get my wings to pop out?" you asked. "You'd better ask Kendril that one," Ethan said. "Uh . . . You sort of will them to come out," Kendril said, "Stand up." You did that. "Now, since you've never done it before, imagine them coming out." You did that, and a pair of wings burst out of your back, tearing the back of your t-shirt. You looked at them. They were pure white with gold and silver streaks. You moved them around a bit, getting the hang of them. Then you pulled them back in. "Great!" you said.
  4. Jonathan left to get started on your weapons, and you went to your favorite room. There was an entire wall of books, also a fireplace, and some comfy chairs. You started the fireplace, sat in one of the chairs, and just thought. You liked doing that. Right now, you were thinking about your parents. Or if they even were your parents. Then Nathan walked in. "Hey," you said quietly as he sat down. "What're you thinking about?" he asked. "My parents," you said, "I don't even know if they actually are my parents at all." "I can show you," he said. I looked at him. "Stay here," he said. He left, leaving you confused. He came back with a bowl of water, and set it on his lap. "What're we doing?" I asked. "Scrying," he answered simply. I scooched closer to him. I knew exactly what he was doing. Any fantasy fanatic knew that it was using water to see something in another. place. It was also a good way to communicate with other people. You could do it with the water in the air, but it's much easier if you have some water on hand. Nathan muttered a few words, and you saw your parents talking with the police. "It's vital that we get her back," your father was telling an officer. He didn't look…
  5. A few days later, Jonathan came out bearing a sheathed sword, and a bow with a quiver of arrows. "They're done," he said. You walked over to him, and he handed you the sword first. The guys were watching you You unsheathed it, and swung it around. It was a perfect extension of your arm, and it was beautifully made. It was just . . . perfect. You put it back in its sheath, and took the bow and quiver of arrows. You slung the quiver on your back and nocked an arrow. You aimed at the chair and fired. It hit exactly where you wanted it to go. The bow was like Jonathan's, except it was made out of both gold and silver, but it was light. It also had intricate designs. You were observing how your hand fit on it, and you saw something strange. On your right hand, there was a 6, that looked like it had been lightly drawn with pen. "What's wrong?" Jonathan asked, wondering if something was wrong with his work. "Hm? Oh, nothing's wrong with your craftsmanship, These are great," you said, "I just don't remember how this six got here. Jonathan looked at your hand, then got deathly pale. The other three boys rushed him into a nearby room, telling you that you couldn't come in.
  6. You listened at the door. "It had to be me . . .," you heard Jonathan say. Ethan interrupted him, "No, it wasn't. You know you couldn't have done it." "But . . . but . . ." "Johnny," Kendril said, "You know you didn't do it." "You know who did," Nathan said. "Lucifer," you heard Jonathan breath. ""Yes," Nathan said, "Are you good now?" There were a few seconds where all you heard were whispers, then the door opened. "Is he alright?" you asked. "Kendril looked straight at you. "Yes," he said solemnly. "What's wrong?" you asked.
  7. "_______," Do you know what that six means?" Ethan asked, sitting down on the chair you had previously shot at. "I know what three of them means," you said. That basically meant that you were one of the devil's. "Well, this is the beginning process of that number coming into being," Kendril said. "So, pretty soon I'm going to turn evil?" you asked. "Yes," Jonathan said sadly. "How long do I have?" "Well, this number has just started, and they also have to bolden before the next one can appear," Nathan said, And they generally get bold during the night. I'd think that you have three days and three nights before you're completely transformed." "Until then, We forgive you for anything you do over the next few days," Ethan said. You looked at him. "You're going to be acting more evil everyday until the process is complete." "Oh. Well in that case, I apologize for anything I do over the next few days.
  8. "So, is there any way we can get rid of it?" you asked. "Well, you could try drinking holy water all the time," Kendril said, "That will definitely slow down the process, but it might not get rid of it entirely." "Is there a way to get rid of it?" They looked at each other. "The only way we know of to do that is to kill the demon that did this to you," Jonathan said, "Lucifer chooses who to mark, and then he chooses a demon to carry it out. But there are millions of them he could have chosen." "Well, then let's narrow it down." you said.
  9. So, basically you spent the rest of the day gulping down holy water while the guys were talking about who they thought might've marked you. You honestly started thinking you were going to get water poisoning. The next day, you woke up and looked at your hand. The six was about twice as bold as it was the previous day. So you figured that you had almost a week before you were fully converted. The guys walked in. "We think we've narrowed it down a lot," Nathan said. "Did you guys stay up the night?" you asked, based on how they were looking. "Yeah, but that's not the point," Kendril said. "We've narrowed it down by a lot," Nathan said, We figured that since you are so rare, he wouldn't want a well known demon marking you. We've narrowed it down to Simiel, Hamuel, Gotzon, Bahram, Aza'zel, Malakiy, Ramiel, Malak, Bernael, Azza, and a bunch more." "Like we said, there are millions of angels there. It's hard to find the one we need." "How are we going to find them?" you asked. They looked at each other. They seemed to communicate a lot by doing that. "You know that place that you fell into?" Kendril said. you nodded. Of course you remembered it; it wasn't the kind of thing you forget…
  10. You weren't expecting them to say that. "Do the demons know about it?" you asked. Nathan shook his head. "Not that we know of. But they're not able to come here through it. Only those with holy blood can go through."
  11. You guys spent the rest of the day planning out what you were going to do. Kendril did most of it, actually, you and the others just noted things, and telling him why certain things wouldn't work out and things like that. At the end of the day you went to bed with a fried brain.
  12. So, that's pretty much it for part 4. Please go straight to comments after you click submit, because for some reason GTQ keeps on cutting off my questions, and I'm putting the missing pieces there. I'm not aware of a word limit per question. It's really annoying, and I don't know how to solve it.

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