Just Another Life Pt 3

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It's an everlasting battle. Between the Nepilim and the demons. But now they have something that the demons don't. They have a pure angel that has taken no sides yet.

It's an eternal battle. Between the Nepilim and the demons. But now they have something that the demons don't. They have a pure angel that has taken no sides yet. And so far, she's on their side . . .

Created by: dragonsfire
  1. "_____, wake up." a quiet voice said. Then you started being softly shaken. Your eyes popped open, and you looked up, only to see Jonathan. "Hey," you said. "You'd better get downstairs and start eating." Jonathan said, "You start training today." "Okay," you responded. Then you realized what he said. Training? You were going to epically fail. You slowly ate your breakfast, hoping that you could fend off the event with time-wasting. But, unfortunately, the time came.
  2. "First, your gear," Nathan said, "I'll show you where it is." You followed him, surprisingly back to your room. You two walked in, and Nathan opened the trunk. In it was a bunch of thick black clothing, but it gave you a warm buzz when you picked it up. "I'd be burned up in these things," you said. "No," Nathan said, They're cool on the inside, so that you can survive extreme conditions." Thanks," I said. "Yep," he said. Then he left, and you started getting changed. It actually looked good on you. You walked outside, and saw Nathan waiting outside your door. You followed him to the training room. There were the other three in their gear. Nathan left, presumably to get his own gear on.
  3. "Let's get going,"Ethan said, picking up a sword, "What we're basically doing is seeing what your strengths and abilities are. First, sword-fighting." he tossed you the sword in his hand, and you caught it by the hilt. Then you faced each other much like you had when you guys were doing the revenge-skit. Once you figured out that Ethan wasn't going to make the first move, you attacked. He blocked it easily, then went into attack mode. You met every strike he made, but it was all you could do to not get sliced in half. You started getting the hang of it, and you two started getting faster and faster. But the faster, the clumsier, and eventually, Ethan's sword ended up at your throat. Neither of you moved until he put his sword down. "You're good," he said, "Have you ever had lessons before?" Whoa. He thought you were so good that you had had lessons before. "I'm positive that I haven't," you said. You looked at the clock you'd been fighting for twenty-five minutes! That's longer than you were expecting.
  4. Nathan was next, doing knives and daggers. He told me that I wasn't getting a weapon. "Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you. "Just use your head and imagination. I know you have one," Nathan said. I nodded. Then we started. He jabbed at me, and I dodged. Then as he was going to strike again, I grabbed his armed arm. Then I took his weapon while I kicked him in the stomach. Then I swerved around and held the knife against his throat. After a minute, you put the knife down. "Great," Nathan said, taking the knife away.
  5. After that it was Jonathan, who was doing archery. After he showed you how to hold it, and how far back to pull it and things like that, it was time to start. Your stance, and even your bow was less elegant than his was. His seemed to be made out of silver, and the way the light bounced off it entranced you. Yours was only crude wood. You two were having a race on who could shoot the fastest and have the best aim. You knew that you were going to loose this one by a long shot. Each of you drew an arrow and aimed it. Kendril shouted "Go!"and you guys started shooting. Jonathan seemed to be going really easy on you, but he was still going really fast. Once you finally got your last arrow shot, you looked at the target. You had gotten most of the arrows to go on the target, but a lot of them had missed. You'd gotten a few bullseyes, but still. "You did pretty good, Nathan said, "The last beginner didn't make any, and took twice the time you did." "There's others?" you asked, stupidly. "Yes, and sometimes we have to train the beginners," Kendril said, "Now it's my turn."
  6. Kendril was last, and this was basing your brute strength. You were strong, but no match for him. First you wrestled, which you definitely lost at, then Kendril grabbed a big hammer, and tells you to grab a weapon from the pile he got his from. You grab the mace. with it's spiky points. Then you got started. He swung with his hammer. and you doged it. This happened for a while, until you swung your mace up, and made it twist around the handle of the hammer, Then while Kendril was trying not to get impaled, you tugged on your weapon, and his flew out of his hands. You caught the hammer, and held it in your left hand, as you swung the mace in a circle in your right. "I'm not even going to try now," he said, "You'd pulverize me." You then dropped your weapons on the ground, relieved that it was finally over. "How'd I do?" you said. "You did excellent," Ethan said. "I doubt it," you said. "No, really," Kendril said. No one's able to last that long with Ethan, you beat Nathan, most of your arrows ended up on the target, even though Johnny won, but he's had much more experience, you lost to me for wrestling, which is perfectly understandable since you've never done it before, but you…
  7. "I get a weapon?" you asked Ethan, following him out of the training room while the others cleaned up in there. "Well, what'd you think you'd have to do? Rip the demons limbs off their body or something?" You gave a short laugh. "They have to be killed with a holy weapon, and frankly, I don't think skin is going to do it, Their skin is tough. It's hard enough with a weapon already, how'd you think it would go if you didn't have one?" "Horribly," you simply said. "By the way, do you want a range of weapons, or just one?" he asked. You thought for a moment, then said, "I'd want one weapon, but also be able to pick up any weapon and use it just as easily as my own." "Okay, Ethan said, "I'll tell the others, and we'll figure one out for you."
  8. Ok, that's part 3. I have the biggest headache in the world right now, so I'm done. Hope you liked this one!
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