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Quiz about the reality of demons to try to understand more about how humans view demons and in what way human will treat demons in different situations to establish an idea of how compatible the two races are in these times

Understanding and learning this will help to maybe allow the demons and humans acknowledge each other as for a start being real then move on to creating a human and demon relationship

Created by: Meliodas_
  1. Is a demon a evil spirit or creature that doesn’t have a physical form and instead possesses and attaches to people or objects, or do demons have physical forms like a human
  2. Are demons evil or can they be nice or both
  3. Would you always be able to tell if you have seen a demon
  4. How many demon lords are there when referring to the cardinal sins
  5. Does holy objects effect higher demons for example: ( an exorcists cross)
  6. Does the bible and other historical documents accurately depict demons
  7. How to tell if a demon lord / king is in front of you
  8. You fall in love with a someone but you think they might be a higher demon do you still want them to fall in love with you
  9. Your on a night out and want return to your hotel and suspect the other person you’re about to ask to come with you is a demon do you still ask them to join you
  10. A demon lord has reincarnated recently :)Do you believe it or deny it
  11. The reincarnation of a demon lord do you choose to
  12. As a demon lord who made this quiz do think demons should be allowed to exist on earth

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