What is your element?

Welcome to one of the most important quizzes you will ever take. I will ask you deep questions that will reveal the truth about your element and how you relate to your element.

I have chosen five elements to put in the quiz results, that is fire, water, earth, air, and metal. You don't have to make any guesswork of your own. This quiz that I have created will find out your element for sure.

Created by: Dr. Anne Marie
  1. What is your zodiac sign?
  2. Which weather conditions are your angry emotions more like?
  3. Which of these is the scariest?
  4. Which one relates more to your individual story?
  5. Opposites attract- which trait do you envy most?
  6. What is the worst to you?
  7. Which is the most uncomfortable?
  8. Describe a good relationship:
  9. If YOU could BREAK UP one celebrity couple, which one would it be? (This does not contribute to your result, but I want to know what quiz takers would choose, so I could create a new quiz of hard questions like these.)
  10. Which zodiac sign do you dislike the most (doesn't have to be all three, just one of the three has to be the least favorable to you)?

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Quiz topic: What is my element?