What Is Your Leading Element?

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This quiz is about exploring the element that guides you! In my universe, there is a circle of 10 elements that create two rings and a core! The core consists of two element - darkness and light. The outer rings are made of Ground elements: Earth and Metal, Warm elements: Lightning and Fire, Earth elements: Ground and Metal, and Live elements: Nature and Air.

Each element represents your character, and decides what powers you can control. If you're interested in what super abilities could you possess in my universe, take this quiz! The most dominating element is your leading one! If the results are close to each other, you are poli-elemental! If there are more than 3 elements close to each other, you are undefined! More explanation on my Instagram: ashaartai.

Created by: ashfrei
  1. Who is the most important in your life?
  2. What is at the top of your hierarchy of values?
  3. When someone does something bad against you, how do you react?
  4. Which type of a person are you?
  5. You have an opportunity to achieve something you've always wanted, but the cost is, you have to do something immoral, breaking a law. Would you risk it?
  6. What type of a person are you?
  7. Do you like to help others?
  8. What type of a person are you?
  9. When someone asks you to tell them the truth, even if it would hurt this person, what do you do?
  10. Which type of a person are you?
  11. How would you describe your feelings in the last couple of days?
  12. Do you forgive people easily?
  13. You see a kid being bullied, how do you react?
  14. Do you change you group of friends often?
  15. A person badmouths you, spreading a lie. How do you react?
  16. A friends asks you do to something risky with adrenaline with them. How do you answer?
  17. How do you deal with emotions?
  18. If there is something bad and scary happening within a group of people, how do you act?
  19. Which type of a person are you when dealing with a crush?
  20. How would you describe yourself?
  21. Do you give up easily?
  22. How would you describe your sense of humor?
  23. How would you describe yourself?
  24. Which are you?
  25. Do you get jealous easily?
  26. Which of these are you more?
  27. Which one describes you more?
  28. If you could live in any place, where would it be?
  29. Which one is your favorite color?

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