Back In The Day

Our 10 year class reunion is getting closer and closer so I thought it might be fun to see how much everyone remembers about back in the day. There are a lot of questions and only a few right answers so good luck!

Don't feel bad if you get some wrong, I had to look some stuff up myself to create the quiz. It's just meant to make us all think and see what we can remember. Please remember this is suppose to be fun!

Created by: Class of 1999
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  1. What is our school's mascot?
  2. Choose the teacher that was NOT one of our class advisors.
  3. Who was voted to be the class clowns our senior year?
  4. Where did the class of 1999 go on their senior trip?
  5. Who were twins in our class?
  6. Which television show was a hit back in 1999?
  7. What type of clothing became a new trend during our high school years?
  8. Who broke the record of home runs and breaks in a single season during our high school years?
  9. Who starred as Kelly Bundy in Love and Marriage?
  10. What was NOT in the news in our high school years?

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