Will you make the high school baseball team?

Baseball tryouts can be the most nerve wracking part of the year. There may be new kids that are good, or you might be the best player there. You may have a new coach that you need to impress, or you may have a returning coach that knows you well.

Everyone is fighting for a spot and you have come here to see your chances of getting one. I did my best to make this as accurate as possible. I hope that everyone taking this quiz makes their team and starts, but sadly that isn’t the reality of things.

Created by: Bartolo colon
  1. How talented are the players in your school/area?
  2. What grade are you in
  3. How to you rank compared to your grade level?
  4. How do you rank with the players at your position
  5. Did you make the team last year?
  6. How are your grades?
  7. Is there anything you do that makes you stand out in a positive way?
  8. Does the coach know who you are?
  9. How confident are you going into the tryout?
  10. Do you hustle and try hard?

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Quiz topic: Will I make the high school baseball team?