Baseball History/Terminology

Baseball is a great sport that a lot of people overlook. After all, it is the first major league sport. I hope you enjoy this quiz about my favorite sport.

You call yourself a baseball fan? Or are you just a Yankees fan? I hope not. Eastern teams are taking over the world!! GO ROCKIES!! Anyways, there's a big difference than being an (insert team here) fan than being a baseball fan. Take my quiz and find out what you are. :D (and yes, that is my favorite smiley)

Created by: Madeline
  1. When was the 100th anniversary of Major League Baseball?
  2. How many home runs did Babe Ruth hit?
  3. Who is the current home run leader?
  4. When did the Colorado Rockies break into the league?
  5. What does it mean when someone says 'he was caught in a pickle'?
  6. When was the last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series championship?
  7. What does the term 'set-up man' mean?
  8. What the Houston Astros known as before they became the Astros?
  9. What baseball field is known for the ivy on the outfield wall?
  10. What baseball player was nicknamed Mr. October?
  11. What baseball player said the famous words 'I am the luckiest man in the world' during his farewell speech?
  12. What pitcher holds the record for no-hitters?
  13. Currently, Troy Tulowitzki is the clean-up hitter for the Rockies. Where is he batting in the lineup?
  14. What is the AAGPBL?
  15. What is the Wild Card?
  16. How many tie-breaker games have their been in MLB history? (1 game to see who wins the division or Wild Card at the end of season when two teams are tied)
  17. What is a perfect game?
  18. Where is the Green Monster?
  19. What already pre-existing team changed their name in the 2007 offseason?
  20. Last question: how many teams are in the MLB right now?
  21. What is the oldest Major League Baseball team? Hint: they've changed they're name somewhat....

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