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Created by: DMan08
  1. Was Barry Bonds indicted for taking HGH?
  2. Was Johnny Damon ever on the CHICAGO WHITE SOX?
  3. Did A-ROD HIT 500 homeruns?
  4. Do the METS have the most home-grown players?
  5. Was Hank Aaron ever on the ATLANTA BRAVES?
  6. Was JOBA CHAMBERLAIN haunted by the gnats at the 2007 1st round of the postseason?
  7. Did A-ROD choose to go to the LOS ANGELES DODGERS?
  8. Was Mike Lowell ever on the NEW YORK YANKEES?
  9. Did the BOSTON RED SOX want Mike Lowell in the trade of Josh Becket and Mike Lowell?
  10. Was Hank Aaron ever on the NEW YORK YANKEES?

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