What are you likely to play in a rock band

Ok so i just wanted to crate a quiz about music, i am a musician and am in a band. Have been in bands for 5 years and i play drums. I used to play piano and still am for 10 years now, so i have a quite good background on music. I also study music as A level subject in a Post Secondary School in Gozo (an island in the mediterranian , near Malta) anyways enjoy my quiz

Just try this quiz if you are about to start playing an instrumen and are confused to hell what to start playing. hope that it will guide you to your choice in the instrument

Created by: Christopher
  1. You like to get people's attention by showing off with your instrument or by flirting
  2. You can run around the stage and go near your fans / friends etc. while playing without effecting your playing
  3. you hate setting up your instrument
  4. you sometimes have some problems with tuning but its ok
  5. effects my be one some of your wanted sound
  6. you may spend a lot of money on your instrument
  7. You want to move and dance while playing but you are either limited or can't at all!
  8. You'll never set up your instrument as it was the last time, some changes will be present. also you are always replacing this part with that etc.
  9. You have no big hassle to set up your eqquipment
  10. Sometimes you just cannot be seen
  11. You are most probably left to the side of the stage

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Quiz topic: What am I likely to play in a rock band