What would you play in a rock band?

Ok, do you wanna get into a band, or decided to make that dream in your head of playing a kickass rock concert on stage become a booming reality? But the one problem of that you just don't know what instrument to play? Well, here's a way to find out...

Check this quiz out, and it will give you some important questions about everyday things that actually can effect which instrument you would most enjoy in a rock band as well as which one you would best suit your abilities.

Created by: Jade
  1. First of all, if you were in a band, what instrument would you THINK you'd like to play?
  2. Are you persistent, like, if somethings hard, do you give up easy?
  3. Out of these bands, what is your favourite?
  4. Are you good at multi-tasking?
  5. Can you sing?
  6. Are you passing music class with at least an 85% average?
  7. Do you do air guitar when you hear a really good song?
  8. Do you already play any instrument?
  9. When you lose an argument, do you always hit your pillow or something to vent your anger?
  10. Do you go wild when you hear heavy metal or punk or whatever?
  11. Do you like Nat King Cole?
  12. Are you good at memorizing?

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