Story of my Life - Part 1

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This is a series of quizzes that I'm making right now. This is sort of like the series that ghettobabe4ever made. It's called the Guardian. The best thing ever!!! If you haven't read them, go do that now. I'll wait.

Ok, I'm assuming that you have now read them, oh, and a thank you to BookAnimal, for inspiring me to make parts to series', and of course the girl who not only inspired me to write this, but encouraged me, and has taken almost all my quizzes and commented on them, ghettobabe4ever!!! Thank you all!

Created by: Houndlover

  1. Hello. My name is Maple. You see that image up there? Well that's me! I'm cute am I right? Well, I look like an average 17 year old girl right? Well, looks may be deceiving...
  2. Well, I'm um, I'm a under cover spy princess. I know princesses wear dresses and go to balls, and love pink, and stay at home, but I'm the exact opposite of that. I wear a T shirt and jeans, go on spy missions and go to dark alley ways, and I love blue.
  3. Right now, I'm heading towards SSHQ (Secret Spy Head Quarters) to receive a mission.
  4. "Maple," my boss and bestie Lexi said (Yes, if you are reading this ghettobabe4ever this is your surprise!!!) "Your mission is to find out who is committing all these murders. Do you except?" "YES!!!!!!"I yelled. People turned and stared at me. Lexi raised an eye brow. "Um, I mean yes, sure, whatever," I said trying to keep a straight face and failed. Lexi giggled.
  5. *NEXT DAY* I walk up the street to the large school. I looked around. Then I saw him. I walk up to him. "Hey," I said.
  6. "Hey Maple!" Henry says as I sit by him. He's my best guy friend.
  7. Something about hearning him say my name makes my heart flutter. We walk to class. I sit down at my seat. A guy named Liam sits next to me. "Hey Liam," I say. "Oh, hi," He says but doesn't look up from his phone.
  8. *AT HOME* I finished my homework finally!!! I hop into bed.
  9. ***???*** "Is everyone in position?" I ask. "Yes sir," my partner replied. "Finally,"
  10. "We'll commence our plan tomorrow night, while she's asleep." "Yes sir." my partner says as she bows her head.
  11. ***Maple*** *NEXT MORNING* "I got to get to school!" I cry. Once I get there, the whole day seems to fly by...
  12. *NIGHT* I'm about to get into bed when a hand covers my mouth and I'm blindfolded. "Be quiet!" my captor hissed in my ear. Then, everything went black.
  13. ***???*** "We've got her sir," my partner says. "Very good, Kathy" I say to her.
  14. "Sir, I should be able to call you by your name now," Kathy says. "Yes, from now on, you may call me by my name." I say. "Thank you sir- I mean- Liam."
  15. ***Cliffhanger!!!***

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