they love me... Part 2

This is part 2 of the series "They Love Me..." This is only my second time so give me a while. (: There are new parts every day or so, so feel free to check them out!

Dakota has dark brown hair,gray eyes, and is charming. Matt has black hair, dark brown eyes, and is sensitive. Jared has dirty blonde hair, ocean-blue eyes, and can make you laugh at any time. Nick has light brown hair, hazel eyes, and is super sweet. Taylor has brown hair w/black highlights,green eyes, and is caring

Created by: nevershoutdannica

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  1. You gain some consious but you're too weak to try and open your eyes. You know you're laying down on a bed because you're laying down on a pillow and a blanket is covering you and it's very soft where you're laying down. You then hear a door creak open and footsteps coming your way. You try opening your eyes and looking too see who it was but as you try moving your head a sharp pain surges through you. You want to say something like ,"Ouch!." But you decide to pretend to still be unconsious so you could perhaps listen in on an upcoming conversation...
  2. "Is she awake yet?" One boy says. "No." Says another boy. "Is she awake now?" "No." "Now?" "No." "Now?" "No." "Now?" "Yea." For a second you stop breathing thinking that the boy sitting by your side sensed you trying to open your eyes. "Really?" "NO! Now shutup Nick!!" You can't help but laugh a little bit but when you do the boy beside you tells(the other boy) Nick, "I think she's awake..."
  3. You get up from the bed and look at the boy sitting beside you and you say ,"Hey umm I think I'm in the wrong house so I'm gonna go k? BYE!"You stand up from the bed and try running away. While you're about to get out of the bedroom door your legs start feeling weak and you start to collapse but someone catches you;;
  4. You look up at the person who caught you and say ,"Oh tha-" you couldn't get to finish the sentence because you got lost in those deep brown eyes. The same eyes you saw at(the store)_____ "Hey, I'm Matt" he says with a smile as he helps you get up on your feet.
  5. "I'm _____" you say back slighty blushing. The boy that was sitting beside held out his hand and said "I'm Jared, and this is Nick, he said motioning over to the boy who kept asking if you were awake. "Hey, I'm --" "_____. We know, I'm Taylor" says another boy who just walked in.
  6. "Uhh... I know I introduced myself before but not to do you know my name?" You ask Taylor. "Oh, Your friend at the store said it pretty loud,and-" "Oh my gosh what happened to____?!" You interrupt. "Don't worry she's fine.."Says Nick. "Why did you guys bring me here? Wait what happened? How'd I get here?" "Ummm, well we sorta had to knock you out..." Answered Jared. "And why is that?!?" "It's too soon, you can't tell her." Says Taylor with a serious look on his face. Then Nick said, "You're going to have to live with us for a while."
  7. "I can't... I don't even know you guys. I have to go bye." "You can't leave, you're in danger and we're here to help." Says Matt. "Listen, I can't stay with people who knock me out then tell me I'm in danger! My mom has cancer, my dad died in a car accident, and I can't leave my mom by herself because she's the only family I have left." You say as tears are forming in your eyes. "We know about your mom. We've sent somewhere to take care of her and if you don't stay with us then you and even your mom will be in grave danger." Replies Jared. You hesitate only thinking about your mom and finally says, "Ok. But only for the safety of my mom."
  8. You ask the guys to leave the room so you can soak up everything that's happened so far. The boys leave and you lay on the bed thinking about...
  9. You get your cellphone out and decide to call your mom and ask her how she's doing and how she's coping with what's happening. You dial ____________ and right away, your mom answers and asks "Are you okay?! Where are you?!" you answers in a considerate voice saying,"I'm ok mom. I'll explain when this is all over. It's for your own good. Don't worry about me because I'm ok.Someone is going to be taking care of you and going to make sure your safe. I love you mom bye." Tears start rolling down your face but you quickly wipe them off your face with your shirt sleeve knowing that the boys wouldn't let anything happen to your mom.
  10. Suddenly you hear a knock on your door. You say,"come in" and then Dakota comes in. "Hey Dannica whaddup?" He says with a smile. "Uh nothing I guess. So I'll be staying with you guys for a while huh?" You guys look into eachothers eyes and he says,"yea." And he leans in for a kiss on the lips. After he whispers in your ear ,"Welcome to the house." He smiles sweetly then leaves. You feel...
  11. Part 3 tomorrow! It's where things really HEAT UP. This part is only explains the base of the story so it gets better I SWEAR!

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