The One Love part 2

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You are a rocker girl named Sarah, who, in this part, will go through many adventures and losses. Three misterous guys who claim to know you intrude in your life, but here in part two, you'll brave all the adventures your friendship with them holds. Be brave, follow your heart, but in the end it all goes down to one question, who will be that "One love"?

I hope you like this quiz and please if you have any suggestions, advice, etc don't be afraid to speak up about it. I just want my veiwers contentment so I really worked on this one. Please rate, comment, and be patient for part three!

Created by: Sophia
  1. You wake up cold and gringy. Your room is dark and grey, giving it a immitating feel of creepyness. Gasping, you look around oddly, what a dream! Sweating, you kick off your covers and stand up. Walking to your desk, you turn on your Iron Maiden lamp and watch as the dim light makes your room turn sort of purple. Wiping the crust from your eyes, you head over to your window and close the neon green curtains. Sighing to yourself, you turn around and climb back in bed, pulling the blankets up to your neck, even though you were burning up. And after some long minutes of restless tossing and turning, you fall into a light sleep....
  2. Waking up to your rude alarm clock, you get dressed half asleep and head out the door, too tired to fix breakfast. Walking to school, your feet seemed heavy against the crunchy winter grass, and soon you wonder outloud "What time is it?" Because it was still pitch black outside. You decide to turn around and actually bother to clear out your confusion. A few blocks away from your house, you notice a girl crying on the other side of the road. She was wearing a black striped hoodie that covered her face, and blonde hair streaked with blue hung out. Crossing the road, you approach her with a gentle "Hey," and sit by her side.She didn't look up, and simply whispered "Leave me alone," Slightly irritated, you calmly ask "Whats wrong?" already ready to leave. She looked up slightly, and you could tell she had big, almost glowing, grey eyes.She stares at you suddenly, and you look to see why. Drawing in a sharp breath, you stare too. The necklace. Grabbing it in her hand, she squeezed it, then let go. Parting your lips in an O you sit there motionless, so it wasn't a dream after all. She was the first to speak " I see you know the boys, huh?" and looked out in the street, it was a foggy morning, what could she be looking at? You nodd shyly, and feel your body tense. Still looking out, her hoodie covering most of her features still, she calmly said " Stay away from them, they mean harm. Sure, their cute, but you won't last a week hangin' with them." You cringed with irritation, and just as you were about to get up, she looked up and stated coldly, " Its 2:00 in the morning lil' girl, better get back to your mommy or else the big persons will hurt you." You stare at her in hate, she was your age! You get up and run the rest of the way home, your eyes watery and killer headache creeping in on you. Then you remember everything about yesterday, but one thing you couldn't get your thoughts off were....
  3. You run past your house, past your school, past the woods. Tired at last, you sit down near a tall lamp post gleaming an eerie light out. Burying your head in your hands, you begin to sob, let all your frustrations go in the form of tears, and this time you didn't stop yourself.You stop when a rough hand falls upon your shoulder, goosebumps raged all over you. Looking up, an old man with a crooked grin slyly asked " Whats wrong love?" Standing up, you back away from him cautiously, and quickly squeaked, " I'm not supposed to talk to strangers..." Your voice trailed off, and your eyes widened in horror as he pulled what looked like a knife out of his dirty cloak. Ready to run, before you could do anything, he had the knife up to your throat, and you could feel the sharp blade pierce some of your skin. You try to scream, but it was muffled by his hand being clapped over your mouth. He smelled of beer and cigars. Thinking fast, you step on his foot with your high-heels and bite his hand. He cussed and muffled out an "Ow!" and let you go for a second. Everything in a blur, you stumble backwards and try to run. The man caught up fast, since it was almost impossible to run in the shoes you were wearing. He grabbed your hand and slit your wrist. You screech in horror as thick blood spills out, and try tugging away, but he was too strong. Tears spilling down your cheeks, you try pushing the man away, but before you could even use an ounce of your strength, he was flying back. A raging Casper, Lucas, and Marcus run in. Marcus and Casper grab the man by his hair and tug him into an alley. While Lucas slips you over his shoulders and takes you away so fast all you see is an upside-down blur of colors. You hear some screaming, from that man perhaps, the wind whipped through your hair, and you tried hard not to imagine what they could be doing to him. Closing your eyes, before you knew it Lucas stopped and put you down. Dizzy and frightened, your lip quivers slightly, then Lucas embraces you in a warm bear hug.
  4. He then lets you go and looks deep in your eyes..."I, I'm so sorry..." He seemed to be on the brink of crying.He hugs you again, and sniffs slightly. You manage to squeak out a small " 'Bout what?" He glances at you grimly. Worried, you look up at him innocently. "Sarah, I, I don't know h,how to put this...." He paused for a moment, then sighed deeply, "Your parents are dead. The fire-department is at your house, there was a huge fire...I'm so sorry." He frowned. You look at your surroundings carefully. Then shook your head rapidly, "THATS NOT TRUE! YOUR LYING!" you scream helplessly. You get extremely dizzy, and rub what feels like a bandage on your side.Rocking back in forth, the world seemed to be spinning, and before you know it, you topple to the hard concrete floor. You dream.....
  5. You wake up in a small cabin bed. A fireplace cackles beside you, your head hurts badly, and you didn't bother to get up. Blinking your brown eyes heavily, you look in around you, you notice a small cross on the wall, a round dining table with hot cocoa and a book on it, and an old rug with a stool in the middle. Getting up, you gourge down the hot cocoa and read the title of the book. But wait, no title? You flip through blank pages and notice an old ink pen, you pause at it, and pout. This wasn't a book at all, it was a diary or journal. Flipping back your knotty dark hair, you sit down and write some poems in it about...
  6. A gentle knock on the door startles you. "Come in," you say firmly. Marcus walks in with a tray filled with a variety of exotic fruits. Picking the one that appealed to you most and stuffing it in you mouth. You let out a muffled thanks and get to writing more poems. "You write poetry?" he asks, obviously pleased. You nodd slowly, deep in concentration, but then zap to reality. "I need to tell you something, its about what happened. I think I might have a hunch on how my parents died." Your voice trailed off, and your throat went dry just speaking of your lost. "WHAT?!?" He asks, completly concerned.
  7. "I met a girl when walking in the streets. She said I shouldn't be near you guys and then threatened me. I couldn't see her face, but she had grey eyes like yours and was blonde with a few blue streaks. She was crying when we met. Does this information help a bit? Or is this just some crazy ex?" you ask nonchalantly. He stared at your face for a moment, then parted his lips to an O as if he were going to speak, then closed it. Turning around, he ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. "Sara, please listen to me." he turned arong and lifted your chin up with one finger. His eye eye color got so grey it seemed almost black. "Never speak to her again, you did the right thing by telling me. Yes, she is probably linked to this, she was probably the one to set fire on your house, and she could have sent that man after you. I can't beleive this! Was she wearing a hoodie perhaps???" You nodd awkwardly, how would he know? "Norrania, shes a demon. She descises her horns with that hoodie." You frown. It all made sense." I wonna kill her" you whisper, tears starting to run down your face. He kisses you on the cheek and says "Get some more rest, I know this is hard on you..." Then, pressing a small daisy unto your palm, he turns around and walks out the door.
  8. You return to your bed, pulling the sheets over your head, you say a small prayer. Closing your eyes, you feel a spine chilling wind blow through the room. Gasping you sit up, looking around endlessly. Voices swirled through your ears, you get up anxiously and run to the door. Something was in here that felt like pure evil, and you just wanted to get out. Grabbing the nobb, you notice that the door is now locked...and the voices and screams kept getting louder. You hear struggled breathing behind you, which sent chills down your body. "NOOOOOO GET ME OUT NONONONO! HELLLLPPPP!" You scream helplessly, banging on the door with all your might. You feel breathing on your neck. Marcus, Lucas, and Casper shout and bang on the other side of the door, and soon enough horribly white fists grab yours. Screaming in terror you feel weaker by the moment, your hair being tugged at endlessly.
  9. CLIMAX! kkkkk
  10. So please comment and rate! Any suggestions? Tell me. Advice? Please. And I hope you liked it!

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