Lost In Love part 5

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Part five is finally here! Theres a mysterie boy too so watch out for your love for him. He will be in most of the rest of the series parts so watch out when he's not here!

Sorry I took so long in making this one. I was thinking about idea's for it to make it interesting. Please enjoy my series! I hope you like it! Comment and rate!

Created by: Amywhite
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  1. You go into the back of the house and see a brown wolf in the bushes. Riley. You think. Then it moves a little and see a HUGE white spot. Emmett comes running up behind you. 'Alec?' He says. 'Alec?' You repeat. Emmett says 'Alec is my brother.. he's..he's very wierd though so just go inside i'll deal with this.'
  2. Your relieved when Emmett walks through with Alec. You run up to Emmett and say 'Emmett I thought you were gonna die!' (Alec's little whisper)'The world will be a much better place if he did.' You stare at Alec in shock. But oh well. 'Why is he here?" Riley hissess through his teeth. 'He's here because he has no where else to go. Mom kicked him out.' 'Okay? Will you shut up now?' Alec whispers. Why won't he talk out loud? You wonder. But all you can do is eat when the time comes. All goes silent except the tapping of forks agenst the white plates.
  3. When dinners over you here a knock at the door. You get up to open it but Kendall put his hand on yours and says 'stay' You do what he says as Riley goes up to answer the door. A girl walks in when he's half way there. She screams 'I KNOCKED DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME????!!!' 'Kendall it's Veronica. Anyway what do you want monkey?' 'Oh I just can't stop in to see my brother?' 'No no you can't' You get up and say. 'Why dont you just leave as you can see nobody wants you here.' All of the guys clap. She says. 'Aw sweetie don't hate me because i'm beautiful hate me because your boyfriends' think so' You wanted to claw her eyes out noone talks about ______ that way!
  4. She walks right passed you eat takes a forkful of Kendall's food. You hear her say freaking wolf girl under her breath. She walks up stairs and you follow her so quietly so she can't hear you. She walks up another set of stairs you've never seen before. You follow still scared. Every step you take the blocks of wood creek. As your all the way up the stairs you realize it's just an attic. 'This used to be my room.' She say's as she sits on an old dusty couch. She points to everything as she talks. 'That was my bed and that was my vanity. It was where I keeped my make-up when I was 11. Ever since then I've never been up here. I was scared of when I was going to get my period because I couldn't tell anyone.' 'What about your mom?' 'my and Kendall's mom died when I was just 6... Kendall was 8. Ever since I've always been afraid of taking to everyone.' 'Oh..' You say regretfully.
  5. You both walk down the steps where Riley's waiting for you. He snarls towards Veronica. You punch him in the gut.(what he desirved it). 'Ow!' he says playfully. 'I thought you didn't like Veronuca. I know I don't' 'Riley ...she's not as mean as you think she is..' 'She's much meaner right?' He cracks up at his little comment. 'No Riley.. she's... depressed. Their mom died when they were younge.... So you go over there to her and say sorry!' 'Fine.' As you guys walk down the stairs Emmett gives you a light queeze and Kendall gives you a peck on the cheek and whispers something you didn't hear. Alec just stays on the couch and watches a show you didn't really care about.
  6. You go outside and hear something else in the bushes. You go over there and see it's just a robin. Very commin where you are. The boys followed you outside. Riley in the front. Alec in back. Emmett and Kendall in the middle.
  7. They All pick a flower for you. Witch one do you actually want?
  8. You take whatever one you wanted and smell it. It smells like Hawaii(coconuts). You go back inside to put it into a vase. You fill the vase up with water and put it in the middle of the table.
  9. You go up into your room and....CLIFFHANGER!
  10. Commment rate and give me suggestions!

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