They Love Me Part 4

This is Part 4 of the new series "They Love Me" I try making new parts everyday with my cousin and I also make these on my phone so I hope you like it(:

Dakota has dark brown hair, gray eyes, and is charming. Matt has black hair,dark brown eyes, and is sensitive. Jared has dirty-blonde hair, ocean-blue eyes, and can make you laugh easily. Nick has light brown hair, hazel eyes and is sweet. Taylor has brown hair w/black highlights, green eyes, and is caring. :D

Created by: DANNiCA&KAREN :D

  1. You can't help but tear up a little bit as Matt was reading the poem to you with such sincerity in his voice. "So you like it?" He asked with a shy smile on his face. "Of course. You should show her it. You know June." You reply. "I would have if she were still alive...don't take this the wrong way but can you leave me alone for a little bit?" Sympathetically you say"ok" and walk away;
  2. "I wonder where Nick is...he looked pretty upset.." You whisper under your breathe. You set off trying to find Nick when you accidentally bump into someone;
  3. "Oh sorry Dakota, have you seen Nick??" You say. "Yea i'm good too _____ how are you?" He jokes. "Yea funny but seriously have you seen Nick? I really need to talk to him about-" "You and Jared's supposed to be 'secret kiss'?" He smiles,"he kept talking about took a while for him to shutup." he laughs a little then you say,"I really hurt him...Matt too." You say with a sad tone in your voice. "You shouldn't blame yourself. I have a surprise for you that might make you feel better" dakota says. "I think I should check on Nick first..." You reply. "Nick's a big boy, he can handle it, it'll only take about 4 minutes...please,for me?" He says with a sweet smile. You can't refuse so say"ok." ;;
  4. "You have to close your eyes...if it's ok with you." he smiles then pulls out a blindfold from his pocket. "Okeey" you say then Dakota helps you put the blindfold on. He then takes hold of your hand and leads you to wherever he wants you to go. After a while you guys stop. He let's go of your hand and then says,"take off your blindfold" You do as he says and you see that you're in a beautiful garden with all types of exotic flowers. "This is amazing!" You say to Dakota with a great grin on your face. "Wait, there's more.." Dakota tells you;
  5. Dakota runs over to a bush and pulls out his guitar. He motions you to sit down across from him on the patio chairs. "You're going to sing to me?" You ask him with a blush. "Yessirree, unless you don't want me to..." He says. "Oh no its fine!!" You say sounding a little too desperate. He looks at you weirdly and you two burst out laughing;
  6. "So what are you gonna sing to me?" You ask getting really excited. "You'll see" Dakota says smiling. He then starts strumming his guitar and starts singing "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars. You can't help but smile and you notice your blushing like crazy. ;
  7. As Dakota finishes up the song you say"That's problably about the sweetest thing a guy has ever done for me" you stand up , hug Dakota and kiss him on the cheek. After you kissed him he started to blush and you couldn't help but laugh just a little bit. "Thanks again Dakota, but I really have to check up on Nick" you say. "I understand." Says Dakota. You both say "bye." And you go back to the house hoping to find Nick. You then see Taylor in the lab and you go up behind him and ask "hey have you seen nick?" "Holy F----!" Says Taylor frightened. "Oh sorry, didn't mean to scare you" you reply with a laugh. "Ohh its problemo and yeaa he went out for a walk" taylor says too caught up in the stuff going on in the lab to show any emotion. You decide to just back off and let him do his stuff so you leave and decide to look for Nick outside. ;
  8. You go outside, but you think its really cold so you go back upstairs to your room and grab a;
  9. You're once again outside and you start walking shouting out for Nick. "Ugh." You mutter. You decide to give up and go back to the house when you hear a rustle from a bush.;
  10. You're once again outside and you start walking shouting out for Nick. "Ugh." You mutter. You decide to give up and go back to the house when you hear a rustle from a bush.;
  11. You decide to check it out. You go over to the bush and start saying ,"hello? Is anybody there?" When no one answers you guess that it was just the wind that rustled the bush. But then as you turn away from the bush, someones hand comes over your mouth puts a knife to your neck. The girl who did it then whispered in your ear,"Try to scream or use your powers and I swear to god I'll kill you right here, right now."

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