Highlights Part 3

MUST READ!!! Thx guys for taking part 3! of Highlights! I know it might be confuseing but yea, i'm a confusing person and a speed demon. Good news is that SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT!!!! So i will make more faster!

Ok, shoutouts will continue but for now, IDK. Ok i forgot to add black highlights and im adding blue highlights. Black highlights can control people's thoughts, emotions, and can convince people in a snap. Blue highlights can control stuff with their mind and turn stuff to ice. If I forget ANYTHING else, plz tell me and I will answer here or in the comments.

Created by: RoCkItOuT

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  1. Recap: You walk into the kitchen and see......
  2. You see a guy about your age. He is bout 6ft, blond, hazel eyes, purple highlight, and hawaiian tan! He stands there reading something on the counter. He looks up at you.
  3. "Hey," He says and keeps reading. "Who are you?" You ask. You start sliding toward the kitchen knives. (Yes, you are freaking out) "I'm Chase." You feel your face turning red. "Whats your name cutie?" He asks. You look at you feet trying not to look at him. "______. Now what are you doing here?" You ask in a creepy tone. Derek came in and stood there staring at you thn Chase. He turns around and walks out. "Ill get Jacky!" He calls. Chase looks at the counter and keeps reading. "Whatcha reading?" You ask. FAIL! you think. "Its,um, the files at Tyson's place. I work undercover there." He smiles warmly at you. There was silence until Jacky busts through the door. She looks around and saw you and Chase. She ignores you and runs toward Chase. "Whatcha got here?" She asks. "Files. Tyson's been stalking _______ for awhile now." He says. "WHAT?!" You scream. "_________ get out of the kitchen for a second." you grab a muffin and leave.
  4. You run upstairs to your room. When you fall on your bed, your phone starts to ring. you look at the caller ID. it says restriced. You pick up anyway. "________?" You freeze. "Tyson?" You ask. "no," You start freaking out. "I have to make this quick. You need to get out of the house. Tell Derek code Carter." Then the person hung up. You look at the phone and drop to the bed. Code Carter?
  5. You decide to go downstairs and in the hall, you hear shouting. It sounds like Chris and Kyle... You run down and see them playing Call of Duty with Jacky. Derek was on the couch listening to his ipod. You sit down next to Derek. "Whatcha listen to?" You ask. "All American Rejects." He says. "_________, wanna play?" Chris asks. "In a sec," You say. "Derek, uh," You start and you forgot the code name!
  6. "What is it _______?" He asks. "Um," You say. Kyle walks over and hands you a controller. "In a second," You wave him off. "It's a code... Code something." You say and look at the floor thinking. "Code Carter." You blurt out. Jacky stops playing and looks at you then Derek. "Go pack, we're going to a friend's place." He says. Chris takes your arm and drags you up the stairs. "We have to hurry," He says. You finally stop stumbling and start to run toward your room. You bust it open and find your duffel bag. You stuff your clothes, ipod, and the gun in the drawer. You pack and hear tapping at the window.
  7. You look and see a small shadow. You walk backwards and bump into someone. You turn around slowly and see someone who looks like Derek. "Hey," He smiles. You throw a punch at him. You end up punching nothing. You slip and fall on the bed. You look around and see nothing else. You rub your eyes and shake your head a few times. You finish packing and run downstairs. You cut around the corner when you bump into Cindy. "Sorry!" you say. "Don worry. I was just about to get you." She smiles and takes your arm. She leads you downstairs and you see everyone ready. "I heard something, you ok ______?" Chase asks. "Yea, fine." You lie. You fake a smile to assure him. "Chase, where Tyson right now?" Jacky asks. Chase closed his eyes and opens then up. "He's downtown. I think 26th street." He says. "Purples can see where everything is." He smiles at you and does a small wink. You blush but see Kyle, Chris, and Derek ball their fists. "Let's get going. I already called Carter." Cindy says and brushes past them.
  8. You walk outside and see 3 cars. A Camero, Dodge Charger, and Mustang. (I'm not good with cars.) Derek gets in the Camero with Jacky, Kyle gets in the Dodge Charger with Cindy, and you get in the Mustang with Chase. You start to drive down a road. Chase turns on some music to drain the silence. "You ok?" He asks and looks at you for a second. "Yea," You say. You can't get the thought of fighting someone that looks like Derek and didn't even touch him!
  9. The drive was long, slow, and mostly quiet... Which just sucks! All you did was check your phone to entertain yourself. When the car came to a stop you look up. "Where-" You say and Chase just stare and smiles at you. "This Carter's place. Make yourself at home. I think Kola's here if she isn't she's in Mexico." Chase winks at you and gets out of the car.
  10. You get out of the car and scan the area. You see a pretty big house. You keep looking around and see Derek, Jacky, Chris, Kyle, and Cindy talking to 2 girls that looked exactly the same. Same dirty blond hair, blue highlights, and pale blue eyes. One of them sees you and runs after you. You stagger back but she gives you a death hug. She puts you down with a huge smile on her face. "I'm Kola. You must be ________! It sooooo awesome to meet another green highlight person! That's my sister Carter!" She yells and points to the other girl who had her arms crossed. She walks over and shakes your hand. "_________, it's an honor to finally meet you." She smiles and walks away. Chris comes up and gives you a hug. "I havent seen you in 3 hours!" He says. Kyle taps his shoulder and smiles. He throws chris back and hugs you. "I missed you." He whispers. Derek just has one hand to his forehead and keep shaking it. You laugh and hug walk over to hug him. "Enough of that crap already!" Cindy yells. She takes your arm and drags you to the house.
  11. You get thrown in the house by Cindy. You stop in mid air and see Kola squinting. "Is she doing this? ou ask. "Yes, my sister doesn't have much control on her powers yet." Cindy says. You nod awkwardly and Kola just drops you. "OW!" You yell. The dudes came running in and saw you on the floor. Derek walks over to help you up. Kyle and Chase brush you off. Chris just keeps asking "You ok?". Of course Kola pushes them out of the way and gives you a death hug. "So you got my call huh?" You hear. You turn and see.....
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Ok, now you all go like, GRRR! she always make a cliffhanger for some new dude! Yea, I'm just that AWESOME!!! haha. Ok, so singin234 got the shout out, again. Congratz!! I also think amazingfulyweird and Fiery_Soul who also made the paranormal love series which is my all time fav! Ok, so stay tuned for part 3 AND a contest! ok so who do you like?

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