Darkened Edges pt.1

This quiz is a very futuristic type quiz and I think its mostly for girls... Yes there will be some love mixed within it so just readon and find out!!!

This test is a very futuristic type quiz and I think its mostly for girls... Yes there will be some love mixed within it so just readon and find out!!!

Created by: Crimsonbound

  1. Prolouge- Silence scares me. It scares alot of people, sure, but for completely different reasons then minee, but thats not important. I am here now and I was meant for this. What is this? I dont know, but in order survive I must be strong enough to get throught this for the sake of those trusting in me. If you have ever wondered why your world is slowly spiraling into pandemonium, its because mine already is. To help you I will start from the beginning. The very beginning...
  2. Chapter One- I tugged my over sized jacket tighter to my chest as I advanced downalleyway after alleyway. Some people say tha winter is beautiful, but I know that some of the most beautiful things are the most dangerous. The horns blaring in the distance unsettled me, but that is to be expected where I live. Cities are death traps, especially for me. Being a sixteen year old and being homeless arent the most ideal thing for a young girl to be, but I have to deal with it. Atleast I am not being tossed around from foster home to fosterhome any more, right? Hearing a small snap I ducked behind a old rusted trash con and waited for a few moments. A little boy glided into the alley from the direction I came from ad I groaned. His steely grey eyes darted over in the direction of my noise nervously and his dirty blonde hair fell into his eyes.
  3. "Jamie" I groaned and emerged from my shadowy hiding place. he looked up at me sheepishly from under his lond blonde bangs and I melted. With striking speen I lifted him up into the air and spun him around a little and he squealed with laughter. After a moment I settled him back into my arms and sighed. He rested his small head on my sholder and closed his eyes. "My little angel..." I wispered and kissed his forehead. I turned and began to walk back to the makeshift house we called "home". It was only after we were a few feet fromt home that I noticed heavy foot falls comming from behind us. Dam it, only a few feet. Ten, eight,five, three. I kicked open the door and tossed Jamie onto the bed while whirling around to face the person. Nothing but darkness greeted me. I was about to call out a warning as three sets of quarter sized glowing blue orbs shone bright in the darkness.
  4. Suddenly three figures emerged from the darkness and I froze. "Wha-wha-wh" I gasped. Standing well over six feet tall three men grinned down at me- no they wernt men. They were monsters. Rubbery skin strethed over hard innards and its lips were a pale bluish color, and their stance was akward. "Jamie! RU-" My senence was cut off as a rock hard fist struck the left ide of my jaw. Just before darkness claimed me I managed to get one sentence out of me. "Im sorry."
  5. I groaned in pain and twister my aching wrists in a circle,but something stopped me. Confused I tried to move my legs, but they wouldnt budge. My eyes snapped open, and I immediately shut them closed again. The room was bright. Overwhelmingly so. Slowly I blinked them back open and looked around my in wide eyed confushion. My arms and legs were secured to a pristene white bed and the whole room looked like it had never seen dirt in is existance. I yanked my wrists in an attempt to get free, and to my amazement they came free with a loud ripping sound. "Hello?" a deep voice called. "Is someone in there?" In panic I ripped my legs free and hopped down from the bed just as a tall thin man walked into the room. The clipboard clattered to the floor when he saw me and he gasped out "Impossible" Suddenly a darkness over took my vision and out of clouded eyes I saw my self punch him in the face. Hard. In my head I heard a evil giggle and again everything went black.
  6. I came to again and two pairs of thick burly hands gripped either arm with no show of mercy. I was being dragged down a dark hall with barely any light showing within it. For a second my vision blurred from dizziness and snapped back with shocking clarity. "Who are you?" I asked. They grunted and kept walking. "I SAID who are YOU?" I said frustration addind a bitter edge to my words. The one on my left chuckled, a strangled raspy sound and I shivered. Suddenly one of the guards released my arms and opened a large metal door. The other one thrust me inside and just before they slammed it shut they called "Good luck beaut'"
  7. The closing of the door engulfed me in a thick darkness that hit me with the full force of a weight. I felt around and was only slightly amused when I found the cell I was in was a padded cell. Crazy train her I come! Full force ahead! What was I supposed to do I was alone in a dark cell with no chance of help. What had they done to me? I woke up in a hospitle room after all... I felt a thick burning in my throat and I felt thirsty... So incredibly thirsty... "Welcome to hell newcomer." a silky voice called from the darkness.
  8. sorry for short hope you enjoyed
  9. keep on reading this series it gets better and longer
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