Did you pay attention? The I Love Lucy Quiz

"I Love Lucy" was the first major television program of its kind. Hundreds of people were drawn to the funny characters. Most of the just loved Lucy. She was a funny red headed actress. No one could have played a better part than her.

When "I Love Lucy" was showing on television, did you pay attention? Do you know what Lucy's husbands name is, and where he was from? Do you know about the Mertzes, I so take this quiz, you should ace it!

Created by: amazon

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  1. To whom is Lucy married?
  2. To whom is Ethel married?
  3. What does eveyone call Lucy's son?
  4. What color is Lucy's hair?
  5. What does Ricky do for a living?
  6. Who is Fred?
  7. How many seasons of "I Love Lucy" were there?
  8. What radio show was "I Love Lucy" based on?
  9. Where was Ricky born?
  10. When did "I Love Lucy" start?

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