Hardcore Gundam Quiz

Gundam is a popular anime franchise, it has been watched and re-watched, created and re-created to now stand as a franchise that bars sevearl universes and several decades in reality

But how much do you know about the series? Are you aware of the sidestories? Are you aware of the main details? Do you know every square inch of every Gundam from UC to AD?

Created by: Ben
  1. Which two Gundam series feature the moon most prominently?
  2. The White Base was the ____ Autonomous Corp.
  3. Which was not part of the 16th Autonomous Corp?
  4. Who is the most recurring character in the UC timeline (Televised series)
  5. "Grey" is the later alias of which Gundam pilot?
  6. Where is Ecole du Ciel set?
  7. What is the strongest unit with a "Gundam" designation?
  8. Which Gundam protagonist piloted a different Gundam ten years after his first?
  9. Which is the first mobile suit to use the "Wings of Light"?
  10. Which Gundam protagonist was originally suppoused to be a female?
  11. In the television series, how many Gundam units carry the "RX" designation? Not counting "concept" units.
  12. Which of these is NOT an Earth Federation Ace from the OYW?
  13. Who rescued Casval and Artatsia following the Zabi family's rise to power?
  14. The name of the that the colonies that declared independence in UC 123 gave to itself was....?
  15. How many GX-9900 units can be confirmed as being constructed? (G-bits do not count)
  16. True or False, Graham Acre pilots an Overflag?

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